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|chapters= 2
|chapters= 2
|location= In a cave outside of Nairn
|location= In a cave outside of Nairn
|outcome = [[Gauche Adlai]] wins
|outcome = [[Gauche Adlai]] is victorious
|damages= *[[Gauche Adlai]] is uninjured
|damages= *[[Gauche Adlai]] is uninjured

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Gauche Adlai vs. Neige is a fight at occurs in a cave outside of Nairn.


Inside the cave Baro has finished draining another child of their mana and tells Neige to bring another one.[1] Neige grabs Marie Adlai who does not want to go, and Neige says not to anger his brother. Gauche Adlai enters the room they are in, yelling for his sister Marie.


The fight begins when Gauche notices that Marie has a mark on her cheek and attacks Neige.[2] Baro wonders how they were found out so fast and tells Neige to attack. Neige attacks with Snow Cry but Gauche easily dodges all of the attacks. Neige counters by creating an army of snowmen to attack but Gauche easily destroys them all.[3] Baro thinks about how he has not finished his work yet and wonders how much mana Gauche has. Neige asks Baro what to do, and Baro tells him to think for himself. Gauche finishes destroying Neige's army and asks if that is all Neige has. Neige manages to restrain Gauche with Snow Lime Lock but is suddenly attacked from behind.[4]


Neige notices that there is a second Gauche, and wonders why there are two. Gauche tells him that he created a double of himself. Theresa Rapual thinks about how Neige was not a match for Gauche since Gauche has more battle experience.[5] Asta then confronts Baro about why he did this to children, to which Baro says that he does not care. Asta throws a punch but hits the wall instead of Baro.


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