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Gauche Adlai, Grey, and Charmy Pappitson vs. Zuta is a fight that occurs in the maze within the Seabed Temple.


Gauche Adlai is carrying Grey because she cannot walk after the previous fight. He tells her to transform into someone else, but she replies that she cannot do that because she has used too much mana. They notice Charmy Pappitson and wonder why she is just sleeping there. Gauche comments about how she should have some power and that they should wake her up.[1]


Gauche triggers a vine trap, which ensnares both Gauche and Grey. Gauche thinks about how he cannot use his grimoire, that Charmy is sound asleep, and that Grey is useless. Gauche thinks that he is going to have to get them out of this by himself, but remembers what Asta said and says that he was about to turn back into his old self. Zuta appears and tells them that whoever is caught in his trap has their mana drained just like the priest that he caught. Zuta also says that there is always a fool who falls into his trap and that he will just have to wait since the two have lost a lot of mana from their previous fight.[2] Gauche has Grey transform a nearby boulder into a large piece of meat and then tells Charmy that Zuta is after her food. Charmy wakes up and tells him to stay away from her food. Zuta notices how terrifying her mana is. He tries to attack her but she creates a large sheep that punches him through the floor, defeating him.[3]


Gauche and Grey are released and Charmy heads over to the meat but notices that it is not real. Gauche comments about how strong Charmy is and wonders if Grey can improve more, too. Gauche comments about how the guy knew about transformation magic but did not know about transforming object into something else, and that they can use it to their advantage. Grey notices that her mana has run out and says that her transformation is coming undone. Charmy and Gauche wonder if Grey is really that big, but Grey is really a woman.[4]


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