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You're all I need, Marie!! What do I care about other people?!

— To Marie Adlai in Siblings

Gauche Adlai 「ゴーシュ・アドレイ Gōshu Adorei[3] is a former nobleman of House Adlai[4] and a 1st Class Junior Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad.[5][6]

He was the human vessel for the elf Drowa.[7]


Gauche is a tall, slender-built young man with light skin and shaggy light brown hair that drapes over his forehead and left eye. He has brown eyes, while his left eye has been replaced by a small magical mirror.

He wears a long-sleeved, blue and purple shirt under a brown, short-sleeved shirt, light brown trousers tucked into brown trench boots. As a member of Black Bulls, he wears the official black robe of his squad: black with golden lining and the Black Bull's insignia over his left pec. Additionally, over the bull insignia are what appear to be two small pins: a turquoise shield and a coral flower with five petals.

As a prisoner, Gauche wears a striped, long-sleeved shirt and matching pants.[8]

While possessed by Drowa, two tattoos appear on his face: both extending down from his forehead and across his eyes. The right one extends further down onto his right cheek. His ears also become pointed.[7][9]



Gauche is introduced as an unfriendly, ill-mannered, and selfish individual. He is known for his obsessive love and devotion to his little sister Marie, and has developed a self-serving desire to spoil her and keep her happy no matter the cost. He constantly gets nosebleeds thinking about her, and has at least one photo of her on him at all times. He gets especially jealous whenever Marie takes a liking to others, and initially has a deep disdain for Asta who Marie claims she is going to marry, going so far as to try and kill him at one point. To most other people, Gauche acts in an unwelcomingly cold manner and rarely hesitates to attack anyone that gets in his way, regardless of gender, age, or status. Gauche is particularly cruel towards his enemies, promising to kill a group of criminals when they do not wish his sister a happy birthday at his demand, and later kicking and stomping Neige after learning that he was responsible for a bruise on Marie's face.

However, Gauche has shown the capacity to care for others, if rarely. While his acts of kindness are initially only at Marie's behest, he begins to have a change of heart after being punched and ridiculed by Marie herself over his selfish attitude, as well as being exposed to the outwardly friendly Asta. Reasoning that he wants to become a brother of whom Marie would be proud, he decides to assist Asta and Sister Theresa in their fight against Baro and Sally of his own accord, developing a new spell that requires cooperating with others. He displays genuine worry for Theresa's wellbeing after seeing her injured and even grieves when he believes her to be dying. After the long battle, Gauche becomes more willing to place faith in his Black Bull companions and discards his old mindset of attempting to complete everything his own.

His behavior is due to his past, as his parents were killed by nobles who were supposedly his "friends", forging a will that said all the wealth and fortunes of the Adlai family belonged to them, with that, they expelled Gauche and Marie from their own home, forcing them to live on the streets. This experience caused Gauche to develop a belief that all humans were selfish beings who only cared about themselves,while using a kind and trusting demeanor simply to hide their true nature. Gauche also states that he is no different as he only trusts himself and Marie, and only cares about the two of them, not giving a damn what happens to others.


Gauche and Marie as nobles

House Adlai.

Gauche was born as the first son of House Adlai. Sometime after the birth of his sister Marie, their parents died in an "accident", and another noble inherits their wealth and casts out Gauche and Marie. Gauche does everything to protect Marie, fighting and stealing as needed.[4] One night while they are traveling, they spot three men attempting to rob a young woman. At Marie's request, Gauche defeats the men and saves the woman. He tells her that if she plans to runaway from home, she should be prepared to do everything by herself.[10]

After Gauche attacks a noble's house, he is imprisoned and Marie is sent to an orphanage in Nairn. Gauche later breaks out but is defeated by Yami Sukehiro, who invites him to join the Black Bull squad.[11]

Black Bulls welcome their captain

The Black Bulls welcome Yami's return.

When Asta arrives at the Black Bull headquarters, Gauche is adoring his little sister.[5] He yells at the others for their behavior. Upon seeing that Yami has returned, he goes to ask him if he can go see his sister, but Yami has everyone sit and listen to the new recruit's introduction.[12] Gauche then joins some of the others on a couch outside to watch Asta's initiation,[13] and afterwards he warns Asta to stay away from Marie.[14]

The next morning, when Asta asks what the Magic Knights's purpose is, Gauche explains that Asta gets to admire Marie and buy her whatever she wants.[15]

Gauche with toys

Gauche arrives with toys for Marie.

After Gauche finishes defeating a group of bandits, he shares with them that it is his little sister's birthday. The notion of visiting his sister brings so much joy to him that his nose bleeds. Afterwards, with bags full of toys, he travels to Nairn. However, to his dismay, he finds Marie playing with Asta.[16] Gauche immediately confronts Asta, who finds no qualm in his act. Subsequently, Marie also asks her brother to stop hurting her future husband, which quickly breaks Gauche's heart and body to pieces. The turn of event prompts Gauche to try killing Asta, until Sister Theresa, who is in charge of Marie's well-being, arrives to take Marie back to the church. After a series of arguments between Gauche and Theresa, Marie leaves with the latter as Gauche is unable to stop them. The two Black Bulls decide to spend the night at Rebecca's house after she offered.[17]

That night, while Asta is fast asleep, Gauche enters the young Knight's room and prepares to kill him. Unconsciously, Asta manages to avoid the first attack, which leads to a stalemate where Asta tries to parry all of Gauche's attacks. However, when Gauche creates a clone of himself, Asta is pushed outside where he finds the town is covered with snow. As Gauche is still determined to kill him, Rebecca comes to Asta and informs him that her siblings are missing.[18]

Gauche, Theresa, and Asta set out

Gauche, Theresa, and Asta set out from Nairn.

The moment he learns that his sister was also kidnapped, Gauche quits his attempt to kill Asta and confronts Theresa. Fortunately, Asta manages to prevent Gauche from harming an elderly woman and forces Gauche to calm down by hitting him. After he calmly threatens to kill Asta, Gauche remembers about the mirror that he gave to Marie and could use to trace her location. After Asta convinces Rebecca of her siblings' safety, Gauche leaves with Asta and Theresa. Noelle tries to come with them, but Gauche orders her to stay.[19]

As they reach the cave where the kids are held, they notice Marco Scarlet outside the cave, but Gauche refuses to stop as his priority is his sister. He leaves Asta and Theresa and goes in alone.[20] When he finds Marie and sees she has a bruise on her cheek, he gets angry and attacks Neige, who tries fighting back using his Snow Magic but is overpowered.[21] After destroying more Snow Friends, Gauche is captured by Neige. Gauche's clone then hits Neige from behind and frees the original,[22] who begins kicking the defenseless Neige, despite Theresa's and Marie's pleas from him to stop.[23]

Marie punches Gauche

Marie punches Gauche.

They are all surprised when Sally arrives. Gauche attacking her, but she easily redirects the attack with her Gel Magic.[24] Gauche tries with multiple beams, but Sally is still protected by her Sticky Salamander.[25] After Sally turns Baro into a mud monster, Gauche takes his sister and flies away, abandoning Theresa, Asta, and the other children.[26] Marie demands that they go back, but Gauche refuses because he would not be able to protect her.[27] She punches him and tells him that she hates when he is like this, and that she likes him for being a Magic Knight who protects others. They encounter Marco at the cave entrance, and Gauche leaves Marie in his care.[28]

Returning to the fight, Gauche expects Asta and Theresa to have run off themselves and is surprised to see them still there, calling Asta a fool.[29] Gauche flies in and kicks Asta, saving him from the monster's attack. He decides to attack Sally and the monster with his clone, but even his doubled attacks are not strong enough. While thinking about his trump card, he is knocked down by the monster. He is then saved by Asta, who criticizes him for attacking by himself.[30] Gauche decides to protect and support Asta, which prompts the Demon-Dweller Sword to emerge filled with Gauche's mana. Asta swings it, releasing a flying slash, but the monster still regenerates. Gauche then develops a new spell but realizes that he does not have enough mana, so he asks Theresa to buy him some time. Gauche then uses the mirror in his left eye to multiply Asta, who release multiple flying slashes,[31] destroying the monster and Sally's salamander.[32]

Gauche struck down

Gauche is struck down by Licht.

When Baro rises again to attack Asta, Gauche panics because he is out of mana, but Neige saves the boy.[33] Suddenly Neige and Gauche are struck down by Licht,[34] who avoids hitting Gauche's vitals.[35] Theresa tries to protect everyone, but she too is struck down and Gauche calls out to her.[36] After Yami and Finral Roulacase arrive, Gauche crawls towards Theresa and demands that she does not die. Finral then transports the children and the injured to safety.[37]

Gauche is leaning over Theresa's bed as healers see to her injuries and another sees to his. He shouts at her not to die, and she tells him to shut up and gives him the rest of her mana so that he can help Asta. Following her example, the children, Neige, and Marie offer Gauche their mana. Gauche tells Finral to take them back to the cave, but Finral refuses so Gauche asks nicely, bowing his head.[38]

Full Reflection

Gauche reflects Licht's spell.

They return to the cave as Licht is preparing Light Shaft of Divine Punishment. Gauche quickly summons a mirror and appears in front of Yami and Asta. Using his left eye's mirror, he then summons a giant mirror, which reflects Licht's spell.[39] Yami congratulates Gauche on defeating Licht, although both are confused when Licht admits to not wanting to hurt Gauche.[40]

Shortly after, the Third Eye appear and Yami is forced to protect his men. Amazed at their strength, Gauche realizes how far below them he is.[41] When Jack the Ripper, Nozel Silva, and Charlotte Roselei arrive and save the Black Bulls, Gauche asks Finral who they are.[42] The pair are astonished by the captains' fights.[43]

After Asta hits Licht with his Demon-Slayer Sword and releases Licht's sealed mana, Finral panics and Gauche tells him not to give up.[44] The Third Eye then seal Licht, gather Valtos, and retreat, and the Black Bulls gather around Asta who collapses from exhaustion.[45]

Gauche visits Theresa

Gauche visits Theresa while she is recovering.

Gauche visits Theresa who is still recovering and the two bicker until Marie asks them to stop. Gauche thanks Theresa for taking care of Marie and mentions that he is glad the sister survived. Marie then perks up when Asta arrives, which angers Gauche.[46] After Rebecca kisses Asta, Marie wants to do the same and Gauche tries to kill the boy.[47]

Some days later, Gauche joins the other Black Bulls to a party on Raque's beach.[48] He shows his sister the beach through a mirror and, when she is excited to see Asta, attacks the boy[49] and later chases after him, accidentally stampeding over Sekke Bronzazza.[50] Yami later appears and buries the squad in the sand before detailing their mission to the Seabed Temple.[51]

After a week of training, Noelle is still struggling to control her magic until Gauche and the other Black Bulls arrive to cheer her on.[52] With Noelle's Sea Dragon's Cradle complete, the Black Bulls enter the spell and head underwater to the Seabed Temple.[53] Once they pass the barrier, they are greeted by a group of citizens, who direct them into the temple. As they enter to meet the High Priest, Gifso, they are attacked by a large fish, which Gauche, Magna, and Luck defeat. Gifso then invites them to play a game in exchange for a magic stone.[54] Magna suggests fighting Gifso and stealing it, with which Gauche agrees. Instead, Yami accepts the game invitation, so Gifso summons the other priests and then separates all the competitors to different sections of the temple's maze. Gauche lands in a chamber of mangroves. After Gifso explains the rules of the game, Gauche is found by the priest with a pufferfish mask. The priest mocks Black Bulls for being known as the weakest squad, but Gauche defeats the priest with one attack.[55][56]

Members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun infiltrate the temple, so Yami charges the Black Bulls with defeating the terrorists and Gifso changes the rules of the game.[57] Gauche meets up with Grey, who transforms into him and pretends to be his Real Double, distracting Zarick long enough for Gauche to hit the terrorist with Large Reflect Ray. Afterward, she makes silly faces at the terrorist, and Gauche tells her not to do such things with his appearance.[58]

Because Grey hurt her ankle during the fight, Gauche has to carry her while they look for the others. They notice Charmy Pappitson sleeping at the other end of a tunnel; however, when they approach her, Zuta's Bind Vine trap ensnares them and ties up Gauche's grimoire, preventing him from using his spells. Gauche devises a plan and has Grey transform a nearby boulder into a piece of meat. He then yells at Charmy that someone is trying to take her food. The awoken Charmy unleashes her magic and easily defeats Zuta, freeing Gauche and Grey from the vines. Charmy bites down on the meat but it turns back into a rock. Meanwhile, Gauche compliments Grey's ability to transform things other than herself. Suddenly, Grey's own disguise falls away revealing her true appearance, which shocks Gauche and Charmy. However, he then turns away to look at his picture of Marie.[59]

The three arrive to the main battle too late, as Yami has already killed Vetto. The Black Bulls are given beds in the infirmary to recover from the fight, and Gauche complains that they have to wait a whole day for Finral to recover his magic power. The temple's citizens gather outside and cheer for the Black Bulls.[60] The next day, the Black Bulls leave the Seabed Temple and return to their base. Gauche notices Gordon Agrippa sitting in the corner and mumbling to himself about being left out.[61]

Gordon and Gauche researching

Gauche and Gordon in the royal library.

In search of a cure for Asta's cursed broken arms, Gauche and Gordon research curses in the royal library.[62] However, they return unsuccessful and transformed into otakus. Asta reveals that his arms are healed, and Gauche and Gordon threaten to re-curse his arms.[63] Gauche later decides not to attend the Star Awards Festival.[64]

A few weeks later, Gauche is waiting to take any mission requests while Grey and Gordon try to socialize with him. However, they are interrupted when Rades Spirito, Sally, Valtos, and an army of corpses attack the Black Bulls base. Gauche blasts them back with Reflect Refrain and confronts the members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.[65] Gauche demands to know why they are attacking, to which Rades replies that they are after the magic stone. Gauche attacks Rades but Sally redirects it with her gel and reveals that they are not allowed to kill Gauche.[66]

After Grey transmutes Sally's gel into crystal, Gauche is able to destroy the salamander. Rades then summons No.0 - Michael Caesal and easily defeats the Black Bulls, with Gauche shocked that it can use two different elements simultaneously.[67] Gauche wonders what they can do, so Gordon and Grey tell him not to give up. Gauche resolves to make an exception and protect others besides Marie. Rades prepares to attack again but is stopped when an alarm sounds from the base.[68]

Shocked by Henry Legolant's sudden appearance, Gauche demands to know who he is, but becomes frustrated with Henry's slow speech and interrupts with more questions.[69] After Henry moves his room out of the way of Rades' attack, Gauche realizes that Henry is the base's "ghost" and the one who rearranges the layout. Having failed to hit Henry, Rades tries to attack the other three, but Henry moves part of the base into the path of the attack, defending his squadmates. Henry introduces himself and promises to hurt those who hurt his friends. The other Black Bulls are shocked to see the base rearrange into a giant bull[70] and how recklessly it fights.[71]

When Sally manages to topple the base, the other Black Bulls come to Henry's defense, with Gauche multiplying Grey so she can transmute the gel again. Rades tries to take advantage of their distraction, but the freed Henry defends them and defeats Michael Caesar.[72] As the Black Bulls celebrate their victory, Valtos reappears and then disappears with the other Eye of the Midnight Sun members. Afterwards, Gauche questions if the base can be fixed.[73]

When a bright light shines on the horizon, Gauche wonders if it is another attack before he begins glowing brightly himself.[74] He is then possessed by Drowa,[7] who turns on Gauche's squadmates and summons several magic mirrors.[75]

Gauche and Marie freed from reincarnation spell

Asta exorcises Drowa and Eclat.

After Asta exorcises the spirit, Gauche chastises Asta, Gordon, Grey, and Henry for risking themselves for him and Marie, but dropping his aloof nature, he thanks them. They hug him as the rest of the Black Bulls drop down from above. Charmy forces food in his mouth, and he warns Sally to stay away from Marie.[76] As the group prepares to follow Yami into the Shadow Palace, they are attacked by two elves, but Fuegoleon and Mereoleona Vermillion arrive and defeat the elves.[77] As the gate to the Shadow Palace is shrinking, more possessed Golden Dawns attack, so the Black Bulls and Kirsch Vermillion remain to hold them off while the captains, Asta, Noelle, and Mimosa Vermillion fly to the gate.[78]

Black Bulls barge into courthouse

The Black Bulls crash the trial.

A few days after the remaining elves are exorcised, the Black Bulls barge into the Magic Parliament Courthouse to rescue Asta and Secre.[79] Gauche shoots at Asta for touching Marie.[80] Damnatio shrinks the squad's spells, but Asta uses the Demon-Destroyer Sword's ability to remove the effect. Nozel and Fuegoleon then interrupt the fight and pass on a mission from Julius: the Black Bulls will be exiled while the squad investigates devils and monitors Asta and Secre.[81]

Gauche, Grey, and Asta accompany Gordon when he visits his family. Gauche is disturbed by the creepy nature of the house and family. During dinner, Nilenia mistakes Gauche for Nathan before she is ushered off to bed. Afterward, Nathan shows the Black Bulls his workshop.[82] Nathan then reveals that he has been studying curses and poisons to create cures and treatments, and Gauche complains that he needs to work on communicating more clearly. Nathan creates a map that senses the locations of curses, and Gauche notices that one is at the Black Bull base, indicating that Henry is cursed. The map then registers a particularly powerful curse in the Heart Kingdom.[83]

Gauche, Grey, and Asta return to the base, while Gordon remains with his family.[84]

Six months later, Gauche is carving a small statue of Marie when Asta and Finral return to the base with fruit from the Heart Kingdom. After Finral leaves to retrieve Yami, Dante Zogratis attacks the base, and Gauche decides not to hold back and attacks with Large Reflect Refrain. Dante's Presence of the Demon King slams the attacks and base into the ground, but Rouge saves the base from breaking like the nearby trees.[85] Dante breaks into the base, and Gauche stands behind Vanessa and Rouge and questions if Dante's invitation to Vanessa is serious, which Dante assures him it is. After Dante continues to evade Asta's attacks, Gauche multiplies Asta in order to swarm Dante with Mirrors Meteorite.[86] Dante draws on 50% of his devil's power and warps space to evade the attack.[87]

Gauche impaled

Dante's sword impales Gauche.

After Vanessa uses Rouge to protect Asta, Dante draws on 60% and immobilizes Gauche, Vanessa, and Grey in midair. In order to draw out Asta's darkest emotions, Dante creates a sword and impales Gauche with it. Overcome with rage, Asta lashes out at Dante[88] and inadvertently erases the magic holding his squadmates.[89] The three fall onto a cushion of cotton, and as Gauche bleeds out, Grey cries over her inability to help.[90] After reflecting on her first encounter with Gauche, Grey uses her magic to remove the sword and close the wound, saving Gauche's life.[91]

After Yami and Asta defeat Dante, Gauche regains consciousness. As he sits up, Grey hugs him. Zenon Zogratis then ambushes Yami and captures him. Gauche attacks with Reflect Refrain, but Zenon's Bone Magic blocks the attack. The Black Bulls watch helplessly as Zenon carries Yami through a spatial portal.[92]

That night, the Black Bulls later return to the Royal Capital. After Owen checks Asta's injuries, Grey requests that the healer inspect Gauche as well. Owen is surprised to see that Gauche's tissues were reassembled rather than simply healed. He then tells them all to rest.[93]

The next day, Gauche and the others are sitting in the base when the squad's vice-captain, Nacht Faust, briefly visits them. Nacht informs them of the coming mission to infiltrate the Spade Kingdom and criticizes the members' reputations. As he leaves, he advises them to get stronger if they want to help save Yami.[94]

Three days later, Asta uses his new Unite to defeat the demon sent from the Spade Kingdom. He suddenly drops out of the form but is saved by Finral, who uses portals to drop him onto the roof of the base. Gauche and some of the other Black Bulls greet him.[95] They travel to the Spade Kingdom[96] and smash through the walls of the castle to the ritual chamber.[97] with Gauche dismissing Grey's concern about the amount of destruction they have caused to the castle.

Moris attacks them with tendrils that begin disassembling the base and bypass Rouge's protection. Grey transmutes one of the tendrils into plants, so Moris sends the others at her. Gauche then multiplies Grey and she transmutes the rest. Moris switches to Gravity Magic, but Gordon enables Henry to absorb Moris's magic power, which reinforces the base. The rest of the Black Bulls then show up.[98] The Black Bulls shout for Yami, waking him up. When he laughingly asks if they all like him that much, they enthusiastically affirm that they do, and he echoes the sentiment.[99]

Before they can reach Yami, the second gate opens and Lucifero combines the bodies of the devils from the first two levels into one giant, monstrous body, which also pulls in the coffins holding Yami and William. The Black Bulls retreat into the base and work together to create the Ultra Giant Bull, with Gauche multiplying Grey so she can transmute more of the castle.[100] As the base fights the devil, Gauche sits in the cockpit with his squadmates and eats Charmy's magic-restoring food,[101] and they all encourage Asta to defeat the monster without hurting the captains[102] so they do not lose hope when Lucifero heavily damages the base.[103]

After Asta slashes the monster in half, the base catches Yami as he falls. The Black Bulls then gather around Yami on the hand and are overjoyed to see him.[104] The tearful reunion is cut short when Lucifero partially manifests from the monster's remains and crushes the area with heavy gravity.[105] Most of the squad is buried and trapped beneath the base's rubble.[106]

After Lucifero is defeated and Yami and Nacht are on the verge of death, Rouge reaches a thread into the rubble, and the rest of the Black Bulls fly out on The Mini Bull through one of Finral's spatial portals. Charmy feeds Mimosa with magic-restoring food so that Mimosa can use her Ultimate Magic, Flower Princess Utopia, to save the captain and vice-captain. With the Black Bulls together again, they thank Nacht for his help and welcome him, which he accepts.[107]

A year and three months later, the Black Bull and Golden Dawn squads take the base to investigate devil activity along the kingdom's border.[108] Yuno defeats the high-ranking devils, but Adramelech escapes.[109] Afterward, Nacht tells the Black Bulls to behave before he heads back to the Capital. Gauche tries to read a letter from Marie but is interrupted by Magna and Luck's fighting, so Charmy tries to calm them with food. When Nacht returns with Vanessa and Finral, he informs the rest of the squad about the attack on Asta and his apparent death. However, they all refuse to accept that he is dead and head out together to find him.[110]

The Black Bulls' efforts in finding Asta lead them back to the Witches Forest where they ask the Witch Queen for help. The Witch Queen begins telling them that Asta is alive but too far away to be summoned when suddenly Dorothy Unsworth arrives and reveals that with their combined magic and Finral's spatial magic, they can cast the Door of Fate, a massive compound magic spell that will open a portal to Asta. The Black Bulls, Dorothy and the Witch Queen begin work on preparing the ritual to cast the spell. Before they can begin however, they are interrupted by the arrival of Damnatio Kira who has become a paladin and along with several Guardian Angels, was sent by Lucius to prevent the Black Bulls from retreiving Asta.

Damnatio quickly neutralizes the Witches Forest defenses and has the guardian angels fire a powerful magic beam at the Door of Fate ritual site but Gauche and Zora used their combined magic to reflect the attack back at Damnatio. All of the Black Bulls except for Vanessa and Finral emerge from the ritual site prepared to confront Damnatio. Before charging into battle, Nacht tells the rest of the Bulls to buy as much time as possible in order for the ritual to succeed and to defend with their lives. The Black Bulls carry out a suicide charge strategy in order to stall for time and Gauche uses his magic to create more copies of Grey across the battlefield so that she can instantly restore all their injuries. Damnatio catches onto this strategy and goes to target the real Grey. Gauche attempts to use Mirrors Shift to move Grey out of the way but Damnatio cuts through them both, mortally wounding the two mages and ending the Black Bulls' support.

Charmy hides Gauche and Grey's bodies under some cotton while Secre uses her magic to try and seal their wounds. The rest of the Black Bulls continue their assault on Damnatio who quickly defeats them using his second magic attribute and invades the Door of Fate ritual site. The efforts of the Black Bulls were not in vain however as their stalling allowed Asta to emerge through the portal. Asta quickly defeats Damnatio, allowing the Witch Queen to use up all her magic to heal the injuries of Gauche and all the other injured Black Bulls. The Witch Queen asks Asta if he has a plan for fighting Lucius and Asta says yes. Asta uses his demon dweller sword to share his anti-magic power with the rest of his squad. Now imbued with anti-magic powers, the Black Bulls depart for the Clover Kingdom.

The Black Bulls arrive just as the rest of the magic knights squads are struggling against Lucius's forces. Gauche reunites with his sister Marie and comes to the aid of Rill. Gauche uses his anti-magic enhanced Mirror Magic to surround and confront one of Lucius's clones.

Battle Prowess[]


  • Mirror Magic: Gauche uses this magic attribute to cast mirror-based spells using a mirror,[5] like reflecting light,[111] creating ray blasts, or creating mirror copies of something.[112]


  • Large Magic Power: As a nobleman, Gauche possesses a large amount of magic power.[116] After being freed from Drowa's possession, Gauche retains some of the elf's magic.[117]


Cleverness Sister
3 4 3 3 5 5
Volume Magic Type Power Magical Wisdom Stamina Vitality
20 800 Wizard 3 4 3 3 2


  • Grimoire: Gauche possesses a grimoire that contains various mirror-based spells.[5]
  • Mirror Magic Tool 「鏡魔導具 Kagami Madōgu」: Gauche has a mirror embedded in his left eye socket. He can use the accumulated magic to augment his spells.[118][119][120]



Notable Quotes[]

  • "You're all I need, Marie!! What do I care about other people?!" 「オレにはマリーさえいればいい...!! 他の人間のことなんざ知ったことか...!! "Ore ni wa Marī sae ireba ī...!! Hoka no ningen no kotonan za shitta koto ka...!!"[121]
  • "If you're not prepared to get everything with your own two hands, you won't survive in a dirty world like this one."[122]

Appearances in Other Media[]


  • His name was first romanized by Yuki Tabata as Ghosh Adorei[1] but was amended to Gauche Adlai in the following volume.[3]
  • Gauche ranked #21 (tied with Fana) in the popularity poll, #8 in the second, #10 in the third, #7 in the fourth, #6 in the fifth, and #7 in the sixth.
    • In the VIZ popularity polls, Gauche ranked #24 in the fifth.
  • Gauche is the smartest Black Bull.[123]
  • Gauche's grimoire design is the background for Volume 19's cover.
  • Gauche is French for "left" or "awkward".


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