Gaderois Godroc 「ガデロア・ゴドロック Gaderoa Godorokku[1] is a Dark Disciple of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad.[2]


Gaderois is a tall, muscular man with light-colored hair trimmed into a mohawk. He has thin eyes, a sharp nose, and a wide jaw.

Gaderois wears a long-sleeved tunic and dark-colored fur collar over a dark-colored, long sleeve shirt. His wide, dark-colored belt has a grimoire pouch in the back and smaller pouches on the right and left. He also wears a pair of light-colored pants that tuck into dark-colored boots.


Gaderois loves fighting, killing, and letting loose with his magic. He assists in the attack on the Golden Dawn for the thrill of the fight, not caring who he has to fight or why the Dark Triad wants Arcane Stage mages.[3]


After the Dark Triad takes over the Spade Kingdom, Gaderois accepts power from them and becomes a Dark Disciple because of his love for fighting.[4]

Zenon Zogratis, Gaderois, and Foyal Migusteau travel to the Clover Kingdom and attack the Golden Dawn base in search of an Arcane Stage mage.[5] The Magic Knights unleash multiple attacks at once, but the two Dark Disciples tank the hits. Siren Tium attacks Gaderois directly, but the Disciple uses his own Stone Magic to slam Siren back into a wall and then proceeds to rampage through the other Golden Dawn members,[6] killing half of them and gravely injuring the rest.[7]

Yuno defeats Gaderois

Yuno cuts through Gaderois.

Gaderois is standing amongst the wreckage when Yuno arrives and confronts him.[8] During their fight, Yuno dodges attacks while saving the squadmates who are still alive. This impresses Gaderois so much that he introduces himself and asks for Yuno's name, which Yuno refuses to give. Yuno uses Spirit of Zephyr and manages to cut through Gaderois and his Stone Magic.[9]

Battle Prowess


  • Stone Magic: Gaderois uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate stone.[2] Due to enhancement from his devil's power, his Stone Magic is harder than iron or steel[10] and can withstand multiple simultaneous attacks from members of the Golden Dawn, the strongest Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom, without sustaining damage.[2]



  • Grimoire: Gaderois possesses a spade grimoire that contains various stone-based magic spells.[2]


  • Gaderois's favorite things are exercising his body and spicy meat dishes.[1]


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