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Fujio Tenmanyashiki 「天満屋敷富士央 Tenmanyashiki Fujio」 is one of the Ryuzen Seven of the Hino Country.[2]


Fujio has shaggy black hair and wears a straw hat.


Fujo is a calm and quite man. Like the rest of the Ryuzen Seven, he is very loyal to Ryuya Ryudo.


After Shogun Ryuya Ryudo sends the other Ryuzen Seven members to fight the three Paladins, he enlists Fujio and Yosuga Musyogatake to finish Asta's Zetten training. While Yosuga fights Asta, Fujio sits in a tree and plays his biwa,[2] supporting Asta's body so the Black Bull can continue training.[3]

Asta decapitates five-headed dragon

With the Ryuzen Seven's help, Asta decapitates the dragon.

After Asta masters Zetten and joins the fight against the Paladins and the five-headed dragon, Fujio joins Ryuya atop the regional lord's palace and plays his biwa, bolstering the Ryuzen Seven, while Ryuya shouts encouragement to them.[4] As Ryuya uses his Tengentsu to analyze the dragon, Fujio reinvigorates the other Ryuzen Seven and communicates Ryuya's commands to them. After Yosuga, Daizaemon Ōoka, Komari Imari, and Ginnojomorifuyu Kezoukaku knock four of the dragon's heads into position, Jozou falters due to his injuries, but before the fifth dragon head can blast him, Ichika Yami knocks it back into the air and Asta severs all five heads simultaneously, killing the dragon.[5]

The next night, Fujio attends the banquet celebrating the five-headed dragon's defeat and plays his biwa.[6] The next morning, the Ryuzen Seven gather to meet with Asta and continue his training.[7]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Sound Magic: Fujio uses this magic attribute to manipulate the sound of his biwa-playing.[8][3]
  • Reinforcement Magic: Fujio uses this form of magic to enhance the abilities of his allies. His biwa-playing can bolster an ally's durability and relieve their exhaustion.[3]


  • Ki: Fujio is able to manipulate his own ki, increasing it to enhance his physical abilities.[9]
    • Zetten: Fujio is capable of manipulating his ki to concentrate his magic power in his body and subsequently release it.[9]


  • Scroll: Fujio possesses a scroll that contains various sound-based spells.[2]
  • Biwa: Fujio carries a biwa through which he casts his spells.[3]


  • Fujio's favorite things are onigiri, strawberries, cats, and singing.[1]
  • Fujio's design may be based on Motoo Fujiwara, the lead vocalist and a guitarist of BUMP OF CHICKEN, a Japanese alternative rock band that has composed and performed songs for numerous anime. Both men have black hair covering their eyes, and Fujiwara's signature drawing is a cat wearing a striped scarf.
    • Fujio's cat has two tails.[10] This is a reference to nekomata, a type of cat yokai in Japanese folklore.


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