Fuegoreon Vermilion vs. Rades is a fight that occurs during an invasion at the Clover Kingdom's Royal Capital.


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After observing the fight between Asta and Rades for a while, Fuegoreon Vermilion deems the former to be incapable of continuing his fight. Thus, the Crimson Lion's captain decides to interfere the fight by incinerating Rades' corpse, "Alfred", which he used against Asta.[1]

After he succeeded on convincing Asta to stand down, Fuegoreon begins to question Rades' motive for invading the Royal Capital. The latter then reveals his identity in which Fuegoreon immediately remembers him. At the same time, the nobleman also ridicules Rades' reason to attack the Kingdom as the latter summons another corpse, "Carl".[2]


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After confirming his younger brother's condition, Fuegoreon begins his assault on Rades. Unfortunately, his attack fails to cause any damage as "Carl" uses his defense magic. Subsequently, it also begins to launch a barrage of attack towards Fuegoreon and renders the latter on the defensive.[3]

While seemingly being at the disadvantage side, Fuegoreon calmly analyzes "Carl"'s magic and swiftly finds its weakness. In an instant, Fuegoreon launches an attack with high precision towards "Carl", which manages to breach its magic spell. The said attack then subsequently incinerates "Carl" without giving Rades any chance to react. Seeing his finest corpse being easily defeated, Rades begins to succumb to his fear towards Fuegoreon.[4]


Rades restrained by Leo Palma

Rades is apprehended.

At the end, as Leopold and Noelle Silva also manage to defeat Rades' last corpse, Fuegoreon immediately restrains the former Magic Knight and confiscates his grimoire. As the captain learns that Rades is only capable of using a single spell, the latter begins to throw tantrums towards the former.[5]

However, he is quickly being rendered speechless when Asta interrupts him and rationalizes with him about his incorrect method of getting acknowledgement from others. Fuegoreon then continues by conveying to Rades of the punishment he would received for his actions.[6]


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