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Fuegoleon Vermillion vs. Elf is a fight that occurs at the Crimson Lion base.


As the Crimson Lion squad headquarters is engulfed in flames, Leopold thinks that it might be an enemy but notices that the flame mana is actually wrapping around him. Fuegoleon suddenly walks out of the building, much to the delight of the squad members and Leopold. Fuegoleon says that Leopold has fought well and that he will be taking over the fight. Both Leopold and the elf notices that a Salamander is with Fuegoleon, which Fuegoleon says that he will not lost a second time as the captain of the Crimson Lions and Leopold's older brother.[1]


Fuegoleon tells Randall that he cannot properly control his new power, and for him to resist if he does not want to die. The elf replies that it does not matter if the spirit Salamander has chosen Fuegoleon since a human cannot defeat an elf. As Fuegoleon uses a spell, the elf tries to erase the flames with his magic but notices that the flames are too powerful. As the elf is engulfed in flames, Fuegoleon uses this chance to restrain the elf with a spell.[2] As the elf is captured, Fuegoleon says that he will not allow anymore misuse of his vice-captain's body.


As the Crimson Lion members cheer for their captain, for being the best Magic Knight. Leopold thinks about how amazing his brother is, and that he will one day surpass him. Leopold then tells Fuegoleon that their sister has become the captain while he was sleeping, which Fuegoleon thinks about how his sister was supposed to be the captain instead.[3] Fuegoleon also thinks about how Salamander has shown him that there are non-human presences in the heart of the capital, and says that the battle has only begun.


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