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Freese the Seer 「先見のフレーズ Senken no Furēzu」 is a nobleman of House Freese.[1]


Karna possessed

Karna possessed by her father.

Freese was a middle aged man long, wavy brown hair, blue eyes, and a bushy mustache with small goatee.

While possessing his daughter, Karna's eyes turn red and her hair turns blonde.


Originally Freese was a kind and loving father to his daughter Karna and was a well-respected nobleman. However, after being betrayed and killed by a group of corrupt nobles and led to believe that the King himself was behind this, his spirit inside his Time Magic necklace began to grow with hatred and rage.

Now a vengeful spirit, Freese became vindictive and furious at the Clover Kingdom, wanting nothing more than revenge on them for his death, even if it meant teaming up with the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

His thirst for vengeance was so strong that it destroy any love or noble qualities he once had, as now he only saw Karna as a puppet to use and possess to obtain revenge. Freese also in his insane logic was willing to destroy not only the Royal Capital, but the entire kingdom itself, including innocent civilians who had nothing to do with his murder. He became callous and indifferent to the people he killed or controlled, seeing them as responsible by proxy or not caring enough.

Freese also developed a sadistic and condescending side when tagged along by Yami, as he openly mocked him for not having the strength to kill Karna despite her begging him to do so, which also ultimately proves that he could care less what happens to his daughter.


When their family's estate is attacked, Lord Freese sends his daughter away with his magic necklace. Disguised as bandits, Mineth and some other nobles attack and kill Freese. With his dying breath, Freese curses the king, and his spirit is transferred into the necklace.

Sixteen years later, Karna and Yami Sukehiro rob a mansion, and Karna finds her father's necklace. She is then possessed by the vengeful spirit of her father. Freese then travels another fourteen years into the future and accidentally brings Yami with him.[1]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Moonlight Magic: Freese uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate moonlight.


  • Time Magic Tool: Freese possesses a necklace that allows him to manipulate time. He can use it to predict the future and to move through time.[1]



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