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Fluss 「フルス Furusu[1] is a rogue mage and a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.[2]


Fluss is a light-skinned man of average height. His face is hidden beneath the hood of his robe.


Fluss is shown to be ruthless in battle.


One day, Heath Grice, Fluss, and two other Eye of the Midnight Sun members are sent on a mission to search Sosshi village for a magic stone.[3] Heath and his subordinates gather all the villagers to the center of the village to execute all of them, but he fails to do so when Magna Swing interferes by neutralizing his attack with a Fire Magic spell.[4] Heath's subordinates discuss the Black Bulls' sudden appearance.[5]

After Asta displays his Anti Magic, the four mages combine their magic to target the villagers instead. However, Noelle Silva creates a watery shield to protect them.[6]

Fluss and the others caught by surprise.

Magna steps out of the shield and pitches multiple fireballs at the four mages. The mages are caught by surprise when Asta appears behind them and reflects back four fireballs that missed. The attack knocks all four of them down and sets their clothes on fire.[7] Magna uses the fire to bind the mages, but Fluss extinguishes the spell and escapes with his Water Magic.[8]

After returning to one of the Eye of the Midnight Sun's bases, Fluss reports to Licht about the mission's failure.[9]

Months later, after Patolli places the last magic stone in the sephirot, the Eye of the Midnight Sun members are all sacrificed. Their bodies burn up as their mana and souls are extracted.[10]

Battle Prowess


  • Compound Magic: Fluss combines his Water Magic with others' magic to create more powerful spells.[13]


  • Grimoire: Fluss possesses a grimoire that contains various water-based magic spells.[11]




  • Fluss is German for "river."


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