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The five-headed dragon 「五頭龍 gozuryū」 is a legendary beast that once rampaged in the Hino Country before it was sealed beneath the waters of Goshu.[1] After being unsealed and purified by three of Lucius Zogratis's Paladins,[2] the dragon is eventually slain through the combined efforts of the Ryuzen Seven and Asta.[3]


The appearance of the Five-headed dragon is very massive and it has five heads with with each horns, spike and multiple pair of eyes.


The dragon appears to be a mindlessly destructive beast.[1]


Five-headed dragon legend

The legend of the five-headed dragon and the heavenly maiden

According to the legend, the five-headed dragon's rampage through the Hino Country is stopped by a heavenly maiden, and the beast is sealed underwater along the coast of Goshu. Its magic power seeps into the water, turning it black and stagnant, twisting space-time, and connecting to hell.[1] Its magic power also seeps into the air, covering the sky of the country with a thin layer of cloud.[4]

Centuries later, Lucius Zogratis sends the Paladins Lily Aquaria, Heath Graice, and Yrul to unleash the dragon on the Hino Country. After Heath destroys the torii gate, Yrul awakens and purifies the dragon.[2] In preparation for the fight, Shogun Ryuya Ryudo has five of the Ryuzen Seven evacuate the citizens of Goshu. As the dragon begins attacking the region, one head fires an explosive blast that destroys a mountain. The five Ryuzen Seven then each destroy one of the dragon's heads.[5] Although momentarily stopped in its attack, the dragon regenerates its heads and continues fighting three of the Ryuzen Seven.[6]

Asta decapitates five-headed dragon

Asta decapitates the five-headed dragon.

After Asta and Liebe's Anti Magic slashes also prove ineffective in stopping the regeneration,[7] Ryuya uses his Tengentsu to analyze the dragon and coordinates the Ryuzen Seven's attacks in order to force the heads to line up. Once all five are in position, Asta's Zetten severs them simultaneously.[3] Following the dragon's death and the Anti Magic slash, the clouds in the sky clear. The citizens later hold a feast celebrating the victory. They plan to sell the dragon's hide, and Humito Mikuriya enthusiastically prepares and cooks the dragon's meat.[8]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Massive Magic Power: The dragon possesses a massive amount of magic power. Even while sealed for centuries, its magic power alters the surrounding water, turning it black and stagnant, twisting space-time, and connecting to hell,[1] as well as creating a thin layer of cloud across the sky of the whole country.[4]
  • Magic Blasts: The dragon is capable of firing large magical blasts from one of its mouths. A single blast is strong enough to obliterate a mountain.[9]
  • Enhanced Regeneration: The dragon is capable of surviving and regenerating from otherwise fatal injuries, including decapitation.[6] Although it can normally survive Anti Magic attacks too,[7] it will die if all five heads are severed simultaneously.[10]


  • The legend is based on the Enoshima Engi, in which a five-headed dragon repeatedly devastates a nearby land until the goddess Benzaiten placates the dragon.


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