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I don't have to become the strongest. I'll make the Black Bulls the strongest squad!!

— To himself in Despair Versus Hope

Finral Roulacase 「フィンラル・ルーラケイス Finraru Rūrakeisu」 is a nobleman of House Vaude[3] and a 1st Class Junior Magic Knight of Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad.[4] He is from Tota, a village within the Clover Kingdom.[5]


Finral is a slender young man of average height and build. He has "droopy" eyes, and his light brown hair is somewhat unruly. Before the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Finral changes his hair's color and style, dying the tips green and combing it to the right. He generally has a pleasant, smiling expression.

Despite being nobility, his outfit is fairly simple. On top of a white under shirt, he wears a light green, loose-fitting tunic with long sleeves and long tails at the back. He also wears dark trousers and a green pair of wide, knee-high boots that lace up the front. He wears the short Black Bulls mantle and his grimoire holder is on his left hip. He also wears a pair of green earrings.



Finral is very lascivious, as shown when he is easily distracted by women[6] and asks out those he just met.[7] After the battle with the elves, Finral resolves to become the head of his family and to be someone worthy of Finesse Calmreich, which includes no longer flirting with other women. Despite his resolution, Finral frequently struggles with this temptation.[8][9][10][11][12]

He is extremely excitable, often reacting to situations in an exaggerated and comedic way. He is initially quite cowardly, always trying to avoid dangerous situations where he might be hurt or killed but is easily bribed into bravery when females are involved.

He is repeatedly frustrated when his comrades treat him poorly, despite the fact that he outranks them.

When he was younger, Finral was a far more earnest individual. But after being cast aside by his family for not showing the same aptitude for magic as his younger brother, Finral made a conscious decision to run away from reality and simply try to have fun.

He is a realist who accepts that he can never beat his brother, but despite that, he has the newfound determination to try to make the Black Bulls the best squad by supporting them with his magic.

In the beginning, Finral had very little confidence in combat and believed that his portal magic was very useful. In dangerous situations, Finral usually runs away from danger. After seeing everyone else give their all against Vetto, Finral decided to be useful to everyone else. During the Royal Knight Exams, Finral displayed excellent leadership abilities as he was able to command Leopold and Hamon and make use of Leopold's brute force to target the crystal while commanding Hamon to locate the enemies crystal. During the duel with his brother, Finral was able to fight evenly against him. When his brother was possessed by an elf, Finral managed to defeat him.


Finral is compared to Langris.

In Tota, Finral was born to House Vaude.[3] A year later, after Finral's mother dies, his father has a second son with a second wife.[13] As the two boys grow up, Finral's magic and talents are overshadowed by Langris's. One day, Finral and Langris are introduced to Finesse Calmreich, who is betrothed to the next head of House Vaude. In a discussion with her, Finral compliments her beauty but acknowledges his brother's superiority and likelihood to become the next head, which Finesse refutes, saying that Finral's kindness makes him the better Magic Knight.[14]

Years later, Finral joins the Black Bull squad.[15] After Langris joins the Golden Dawn squad and is promoted to vice-captain, Finral is told that he is no longer the family's heir. Freed from the responsibility, Finral separates from his family, changing his surname to that of his mother's, and squanders his time and abilities pursuing women and fun.[16][17]

Finral accompanies Yami Sukehiro and other members of the Black Bull squad to the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. There, Asta runs into Yami, and Finral has to save him from the captain's wrath.[18] During the exam, Finral stands behind Yami's seat.[19] He is impressed with Sekke Bronzazza's level of magic[20] and confused by Asta's attack.[21]

Afterwards, because Asta cannot fly on a broom and has no magic, Finral opens a portal for him to the Black Bull's base.[22] When Magna Swing challenges Asta, Finral watches with the rest of the Black Bull squad and is impressed that he does not have to save the rookie like usual.[23] After Asta nullifies Noelle Silva's rampaging mana, Finral saves them from falling with his magic.[24] Afterwards, Finral welcomes her to the squad and invites her to dinner.[7]

Finral goes on a triple date with Luck and Asta.

After the battle in the Royal Capital, Asta returns to the Black Bull's base, and Finral appears and invites him on a triple date.[25] To break the awkward silence on the date, Finral introduces himself and uses a portal to grab flowers from Mount Anahu. He then prompts Luck Voltia and Asta to introduce themselves and senses that the girls are losing interest.[26] He offers to take Erica and show her a view.[27] After the date, Finral is left in tears because Asta caused a fight and Erica thought the Black Bulls were trouble.[28]

When Asta, Gauche Adlai, and Sister Theresa go after the kidnapped children, Noelle contacts headquarters, which sends for the closest squad, the Black Bulls. However, most of them are hungover, including Finral, whom Yami forces to accompany him.[29] Finral opens a portal to the cave in time for Yami to save Asta from Licht's attack.[30] Finral remarks on Licht's vast mana and rare magic before taking Gauche, Theresa, and the children to safety, at Asta's request. As Finral leaves, Yami tells him that he had better come back and then saves him from Licht's attack.[31]

Gauche politely asks for Finral's help.

Back in Nairn, Finral watches as Theresa is healed. After receiving extra mana, Gauche orders Finral to take him back to the cave, despite being lower ranked. However, Finral suggests waiting for reinforcements and points out that those with large mana pools make it difficult for his magic to get close and that he has had to transport many people already, to which Gauche bows his head and asks politely.[32] The two jump to the cave and Finral hardly recognizes it.[33]

After Gauche reflects Licht's spell back at him, the Black Bulls celebrate their victory. Finral tries to take some credit, but Yami and Gauche refuse to acknowledge his help. As the Black Bulls prepare to take Licht, Finral is confused when three figures arrive, and panics when one suddenly appears in front of Yami.[34] Licht introduces the Third Eye of the Eye of the Midnight SunVetto the Despair, Rhya the Treachery, and Fana the Hatred—and points out that they are stronger than himself. Finral calls their bluff, so Rhya displays the magic he copied from Yami.[35] When the Third Eye attack the Black Bulls, Yami is forced to defend himself and his men. Waiting for his mana to recover, Finral cannot do anything but worry.[36]

The Black Bulls watch the captains fight the Third Eye.

Jack the Ripper, Nozel Silva, and Charlotte Roselei save the Black Bulls and confront the Third Eye.[37] Surprised to see them, Finral identifies and praises them, and criticizes Gauche for not recognizing them.[38] While the three captains fight the Third Eye, Finral is left awestruck by the destructive power. Yami asks if Finral has recovered, and the young man takes this as an excuse to warp away from the battle. Yami, instead, has Finral open a portal above where Licht is recovering. The captain drops through and distracts Licht while Asta makes his way through the battle and ambushes Licht.[39]

With the seal removed, Licht's mana begins to overflow, which causes Finral to panic.[40] After the Third Eye seal Licht and retreat, Finral cries in relief. Yami then orders Finral to carry Asta home.[41]

Finral and the Black Bulls party on the beach.

Some days later, Finral joins the other Black Bulls to a party on Raque's beach. He talks Grey into transforming into a fake twin so they can hit on girls.[42] When Grey abandons the plan, Finral continues alone.[43] Yami later appears and buries the squad in the sand before detailing their mission to the Seabed Temple.[44]

A week later, Noelle's confidence wavers during her training. The other Black Bulls arrive to cheer her on, with Finral promising to catch her if she falls. Encouraged, she completes Sea Dragon's Cradle and, in her excitement, loses her concentration, and the spell dissolves. As she falls, Finral tries to catch her, but Asta reaches her first.[45]

The Black Bulls gather in Noelle's spell and head underwater. After passing through to the Grand Belt, Finral admires the seashells and considers gathering them as gifts for women.[46] The Black Bulls enter the Seabed Temple and are directed to the High Priest Gifso, who tests them with a Monster Toy. Finral and Vanessa are impressed by the priest's magic.[47] When Gifso challenges the Black Bulls to a game, Finral initially refuses but the priest offers women as a prize, so Finral accepts. Gifso then summons the other priests and uses his magic to scatter the competitors. After Gifso explains the rules, Finral plans to run and hide and let his squadmates handle the fighting.[48]

Finral hides during the Temple Battle Royale.

While hiding from Gio, Finral finds he is blocked from warping outside, for which Gifso and Yami chastise him. When one of Gifso's Monster Toys swallows Finral, the Black Bull warps out of its mouth and keeps running.[49] When members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun crash into the temple, Finral panics while Yami warns his squad and Gifso alters the goal of the game.[50]

Finral makes his way to Vetto's location, and when Vetto blasts a hole through the temple's walls, Finral is scared by that power and considers escaping through the hole.[51] He overhears Asta's promise to take care of Vetto and thinks the boy is crazy given his physical state. Countering Vetto's discouragement, Asta declares that not giving up is his weapon and that he will not give up until he gets what he wants, which stun Finral.[52] After Vanessa saves the fallen Black Bulls and priests, Vetto unleashes another magic blast, but Finral redirects it back at Vetto and joins his squadmates' side.[53]

Finral warps Asta around Vetto.

Finral and Vanessa help Asta fight Vetto. Finral returns Vetto's long-range attacks back at him and warps Asta around into close-range, allowing Asta to hit Vetto across the chin.[54][55] As Vetto adjusts to their strategy, Vanessa and Finral reflect upon their pasts and, motivated by Asta's trust in them, amp up their speed.[56][57] After Asta stabs Vetto, the Black Bulls think they have won, but Vetto grabs and crushes the boy's arms. To the shock of the others, Asta resolves to keep fighting, so Finral warps Asta to the Demon-Slayer Sword and the Black Bulls renew their attack. Weakened by the Demon-Dweller Sword, Vetto struggles to keep up.[58][59]

After Asta takes down Vetto, Finral and Vanessa pull the boy into a crushing group hug. As the Black Bulls compliment each other,[60] a self-destructive cloud of mana forms around Vetto, which Finral recognizes as the same as Licht's. The Black Bulls decide to keep fighting but are stopped by Yami, much to Finral's relief.[61] Their captain thanks each of them before defeating Vetto himself.[62] Afterwards they rush in and hug Yami, but he drives them off with his sword.[63]

While resting in the temple's infirmary with the rest of the Black Bulls, Finral hits on the cowardly Grey. The group is then interrupted by the cheering from the temple's citizens.[64] After recovering, Finral opens a portal to the base after the squad bids farewell to the temple's priests and citizens. Before Finral can rest, Yami orders him to take them to the Royal Capital. Once there, Finral is allowed to go off on his own to hit on women.[65]

The Black Bulls help the citizens of Kiten.

Finral is chatting with a pair when Yami, Asta, and Charmy appear looming over him and scare the women off. Finral complains but is forced to take his squadmates to Kiten.[66] Upon arriving, the group are surprised by the giant tree, and Yami orders his subordinates to help the citizens.[67] As Finral, Charmy, and Asta are assisting citizens in evacuating the city, Finral watches Yuno fight and defeat Ragus, one of the Eight Shining Generals.[68]

Finral is feeling ignored when Langris arrives and ridicules his older brother. However, Finral refuses to allow his brother to insult his squadmates.[69] When Yagos, another Diamond Kingdom general, approaches with a number of hostages, the Black Bulls take over the fight, instead of allowing Langris to sacrifice the hostages. After Charmy launches Asta forward, Finral warps the boy over Yagos' head. After the snail is dispelled, Finral warps Asta behind the general. Bolstered by the general's defeat, Finral issues a challenge to the Golden Dawn and his brother.[70]

With the battle over, the Black Bulls and Golden Dawns part ways, and Finral has to drag Charmy away from her bickering with Sylph.[71] Finral then worries about having picked a fight with the strongest squad.[72] After helping transport prisoners, Finral visits Owen's office and overhears Asta's diagnosis.[73] Later that day, Yami throws the Black Bulls a feast for the squad reaching zero stars. When Asta leaves the party early, Finral explains to the others what he overheard about Asta's arms.[74] Worried about the boy's mentality, the squad watches from the trees and are relieved when he declares that he will not give up.[75]

Asta's friends take him to the Witches' Forest.

The next day, Finral carries his squadmates to various places as they all search for means to heal Asta's arms.[76] When Finral and Noelle return to the base, he suggests that they go on a date together, but she refuses.[77] Instead they travel to the house of Fanzell Kruger, Dominante Code, and Mariella.[78] They discuss Asta's situation and decide to seek a cure in the Witches' Forest. Finral warps everyone to the Black Bull base, and after picking up a confused Asta, the group flies off to the forest.[79]

Outside of the forest, the group splits up and hides under two of Domina's invisibility cloaks, with Finral having to share a broom and cloak with Fanzell and Asta. When Fanzell accidentally brushes up against a branch, the cloak is pulled off and the Security Golems are alerted to the men's presence. As they are chased through the forest, Finral creates two portals to protect them from the golems' Magic Bullets.[80] They crash land in the queen's throne room and see her standing on Vanessa. Demanding that the Witch Queen remove her foot, Asta rushes toward her and Finral warps him behind the queen. However, she stops Asta with a flock of birds.[81]

When two armies approach the forest, the Witch Queen displays them for the infiltrators to see, and Finral panics.[82] When Vanessa and Asta begin arguing, Finral futilely attempts to calm them down.[83] Later, Finral agrees to help defeat the two armies in exchange for the Witch Queen healing Asta's arms, which she does.[84] The Black Bulls are ecstatic but reprimand Asta when he immediately suggests going out to fight.[85][86]

Finral redirects Asta's fall into Vanessa's net.

The Black Bulls head out to face the army from Eye of the Midnight Sun. Finral is disgusted to see the cute witches being kidnapped.[87] Vanessa slings Asta up into the air to fight the men and free the witches. After Asta knocks them all, Fana blasts the boy out of the sky, and Finral warps him into a net to catch him safely.[88]

Fana charges at the three, and Vanessa pulls them out of harm's way.[89] Finral is shocked when Asta stops and tries to talk to Fana, who refuses and attacks. After Vanessa pulls them to safety again, Finral warps Asta up to Fana, and Asta stops her magic with his swords.[90] Furious, Fana opens her third eye and forces Asta back, sending him falling. Vanessa has to tether herself and Finral due to the turbulence that Salamander causes. Vanessa's threads around Asta are burned off so Finral saves the boy again.[91] Fana swoops down at them and the wave of hot air sends them flying. The dense magic also greatly hinders Finral's ability to use Spatial Magic. Noelle arrives and protects her squadmates, but they have to retreat hastily on makeshift brooms as Salamander breaks through the shield.[92] Finral watches in amazement as Noelle's Sea Dragon's Roar hits Salamander and extinguishes much of its body.

Finral then prepares to assist Asta in the boy's special move.[93] Before they can, however, Fana drives them off with Harpes and recovers with Phoenix Feathers Robe. Finral grumbles that she can use two magic attributes and Healing Magic.[94] Asta tries to get through to her again, but failing that again, he resolves to use his special move, about which Finral asks him. After Asta's explanation, Finral and Vanessa realize that he cannot do it without them. Vanessa ties Asta to both brooms, and they use the brooms' speed to sling the boy forward. Finral opens a portal to move Asta past a barrage of Harpe and watches in amazement as Asta pierces through Salamander's fireball and body, cutting the spirit in half.[95]

Finral, Vanessa, and Noelle put their trust in Asta.

Back on the ground, Finral is surprised by how much magic Fana still has left.[96] After Mars arrives to the battlefield, Fana activates her self-destructive spell, which panics Finral.[97] While the spell charges, Fana lashes out, firing off volleys of large fireballs. Noelle shields herself, Finral, and Vanessa as they watch Asta and Mars approach Fana.[98] With Fana's spell on the verge of exploding, Finral, Vanessa, and Noelle refuse to run away because they believe in Asta's ability to stop it.[99]

After Asta and Mars's combined effort frees the human Fana from the third eye, the other Black Bulls chastise Asta for being reckless again.[100] Fana tells them what little she remembers. She and Mars have an unintentionally romantic moment, which makes Finral so jealous that he cries blood.[101] Suddenly, they are all attacked by Ladros's Million Lasers, and Finral is knocked unconscious.[102]

Finral wakes after Asta defeats Ladros. The Witch Queen arrives to the battlefield and, instead of healing their injuries, restrains them on crosses made of blood and seizes control of Asta's body.[103] The Queen tries to have Asta kill the other Black Bulls, but Vanessa receives a new spell that alters fate. Once the Queen recognizes the spell's power, she seizes control of Vanessa's body and prepares to kill the others herself. However, the cat causes the Queen to lose control of her magic, dispersing her spells and freeing Finral and the others.[104]

Finral takes notes on the Witch Queen's information.

The Witch Queen relents and heals everyone simultaneously, which impresses Finral. In her throneroom, the Queen hands over her magic stone to the Black Bulls, and Finral furiously scribbles down notes when she tells them about the stone, the elves, the possible connection to the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and Asta's swords.[105] The Black Bulls later bid farewell to Mars and Ladros as they leave to return to the Diamond Kingdom. Finral cries blood again out of jealousy when Fana hugs Mars.[106] The Black Bulls return to their base and tell Yami about their success in repairing Asta's arms and retrieving another magic stone.[107]

After Yami orders Asta to take a break,[108] Finral explains about the upcoming Star Awards Festival. As the other Black Bulls head off to the festival, Asta asks Finral to travel to the Seabed Temple and to bring Kahono and Kiato to the festival.[109] He is shocked when he overhears Kahono suggesting a double date with Asta, Noelle, and her brother.[110] During the announcement ceremony, Finral is flirting with a woman, who turns him down because he is a Black Bull. The two are then shocked to hear that the squad announced as the second ranked squad.[111]

In preparation for the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Finral trains with his magic to develop an offensive spell but fails.[112]

A week after the festival, Finral arrives at the exam venue and Luck and Magna do not recognize him due to his changed hairstyle. Eventually, Asta convinces them that he is indeed Finral.[113] Finral is placed on Team E with Leopold Vermillion and Hamon Caseus and is uncertain about his teammates.[114] After seeing the tournament bracket, Finral notes that his team will face Langris's team if they both win the first round of matches.[115]

Finral maneuvers his teammates around Team F.

As their first match begins, Leopold and Hamon argue over who should take lead. Finral suggests using his Spatial Magic to coordinate their attacks. Finral stays back near their crystal and warps his teammates around the battlefield. He teleports Leopold in to distract Team F, while Hamon appears behind the crystal and strikes with multiple glass swords. Leopold then destroys the crystal, and Team E is announced as the winners. Afterwards Hamon offers his team a basket of sandwiches, and Leopold suggests an eating competition, which Finral refuses.[116]

After Team G's first match, Langris approaches Finral and warns him to be careful in their next match as their parents and Finesse would be sad if Finral were killed by Langris's magic. Refusing to be intimidated, Finral claims that he will beat Langris so that will not happen.[117] As the next match gets underway, Finral accepts one of Hamon's sandwiches.[118]

During their second match, Finral reveals that he can block Langris's magic with his own Spatial Magic. Hamon then locates Team G's crystal, so Finral sends Leopold and Hamon to the tower.[119] Finral continues blocking Langris's attacks and decides to reveal his new spell, Fallen Angel Flapping. Sekke dodges the spell, but it turns to follow him, so Langris jumps off the scooter. When Sekke tries to block the spell, it warps him away from the battlefield and into the Black Bull base's toilet.

Langris attempts to kill Finral.

Finral declares that he does not wish to hurt Langris, who is disgusted by Finral's concern. The Golden Dawn then opens his grimoire and reveals his own spell, creating multiple floating orbs. Finral is surprised by the sinister mana coming from his brother.[120][121] Finral creates a matching array of orbs, and the brothers launch their spells at each other, resulting in multiple explosions. Finral is outmatched and Langris's magic destroys Team E's crystal, winning the match for Team G, and carves out several chunks from Finral's body.[122] Finral is lying unconscious when Langris prepares to kill him, but Asta, Magna, and Luck save their squadmate. Arriving with Julius and Marx, Owen begins treating Finral's wounds.[123]

After the exam, Finral is taken to the Royal Capital's hospital where he remains comatose.[124] Several days later, Yami kicks Finral out of the bed and points out the chaos in the capital. Sensing strange magic similar to his brother's, Finral swears to save Langris and heads out with Yami.[125]

Finral assists Yami and Jack.

After seeing Langris's magic used on the castle gates, Finral and Yami teleport to Clover Castle and find four elves have defeated the guards. Finral worries about how they will handle the elves' superior strength and numbers, until Jack arrives. The two captains fight the elves, while Finral gathers the injured and teleports them to safety.[126] After the captains defeat two of the elves, the other two elves attack them from behind, so Finral teleports the captains behind their opponents. Jack intimidatingly thanks Finral, and Yami threatens Jack. Finral is scared of both their demeanors until he notices the floating dungeon arrive in the capital.[127][128] He brightens up when he sees Noelle and the other Royal Knights. The group of Magic Knights split up and head to different parts of the castle, with Finral, Yami, and Jack heading to the Kira Estate.[129]

Once he catches up to his possessed brother, Finral saves Finesse from Ratri's attack and then teleports over to pick her up. When Yami and Jack reach the throne room, Finral teleports them over to Ratri, but the three are surprised by Ratri's automatic defense magic.[130] Finral teleports over to his father and step-mother and creates a portal for them and Finesse to escape through. Finral promises Finesse that he will survive and save Langris. When Finral creates a portal for King Augustus Kira Clover XIII, Ratri negates it, so Jack cuts out a hole in the wall behind the King, dropping him out of the throne room.[131]

Finral saves his brother.

With the King safely away, Finral focuses on cancelling Ratri's attacks, while the two captains try to open holes in the elf's defense. Once Jack's blades adapt to the Spatial Magic, the two captains destroy the defense, but Ratri forces them out of the room and focuses on Finral, who decides to sacrifice his body in order to send two orbs after the captains. Finral's sides are grievously injured but the captains reappear in front of the elf.[132] Finral watches as the captains attempt to knock out the elf. However, Ratri remains conscious and, overcome with anger, lashes out, destroying much of the Kira Estate. Taking advantage of the elf's distraction, Finral uses his spells together to warp Ratri over to him and then punches the elf square in the face, knocking the elf unconscious. Finral collapses from exhaustion and lands next to his brother, holding his hand.[133] A mage begins healing Finral's injuries, while Yami restrains the elf.[134]

After the mages finish healing Finral, Nero flies over to him and pecks at his head until he wakes up. Much to Finral's surprise, the bird then speaks and demands to be taken to the demon's skeleton.[135][136] He teleports into the demon's skull and, under the instruction of Nero, takes the magic stones from the monument and places them into the statue of the first Magic Emperor atop the demon's skull.[137] This removes the seals on Lemiel and Nero. Finral tries to flirt with Nero who has been transformed back into her human form, but she coldly stares him down. Lemiel creates a large arrow of light to carry the three of them toward the Shadow Palace, and Nero lets Finral drop back into Clover Castle.[138]

The Black Bulls crash the trial.

A few days later, the Black Bulls barge into the Magic Parliament Courthouse to rescue Asta and Secre.[139] Damnatio shrinks their spells, but Asta uses the Demon-Destroyer Sword's ability to remove the effect. Nozel and Fuegoleon then interrupt the fight and pass on a mission from Julius: the Black Bulls will be exiled while the squad investigates devils and monitors Asta and Secre.[140]

After the Black Bulls discover a powerful curse in the Heart Kingdom, Finral, Noelle, and Asta travel to the Golden Dawn base, and while the other two ask Mimosa Vermillion about entry into the foreign kingdom, Finral visits his brother. Langris refuses to let Finral outshine him, and Finral vows to become the head of House Vaude and win Finesse's hand. Langris takes his brother aside and criticizes Finral's habit of flirting with other women.[141]

Finral, Noelle, and Mimosa chase after the kidnapped Asta.

Finral accompanies Mimosa, Noelle, Asta, and Secre on the trip to the Heart Kingdom.[142] The Spirit Guardian Gadjah arrives to escort them and informs them about the history of the Heart Kingdom. Along the way, Asta is kidnapped, so Finral, Noelle, and Mimosa chase after him. After the three jump off the boat, Finral uses Fallen Angel Flapping to warp them farther along. However, Gadjah catches up to them, and Noelle protects Finral with Sea Dragon's Nest. Finral is confused to see Gadjah floating without using magic.[143] When Gadjah attacks Noelle and bends his lightning bolt to pursue her, Finral creates a portal to send it far away.[144] He uses another portal to save the Magic Knights from a giant lightning bolt and to move them out of Gadjah's sight. With the help of Mimosa's Magic Flower Guidepost, Finral opens a portal behind Gadjah and through which Noelle fires a Sea Dragon's Roar.[145]

The three are caught by surprise when Gadjah survives the attack and speeds over to their location, but the Spirit Guardian apologizes and explains that it was a test.[146] He then escorts them to Princess Lolopechka's throneroom, where they are reunited with Asta and Secre. Finral is overwhelmed by the Princess's beauty but reprimands himself for the behavior.[147] Finral and the other listen as Lolopechka and Julius discuss an alliance between the Heart and Clover Kingdoms. Once an agreement is reached, Lolopechka offers to have the five Zero Stage-ranked Spirit Guardians train Finral and the others.[148]

Six months later, Lolopechka sends Finral, Noelle, and Mimosa to follow after Asta who left to stop one of the Spade Kingdom's mobile fortresses. Noelle carries the other two in a Sea Dragon's cradle while she flies through the Grand Magic Zone. Noelle drops them in the broken fortress, and Finral lands soaked and ungracefully. He sees one of the citizens who was forced to power the fortress and had her clothes partially ripped off, and he resists the urge to flirt with her.[149] After Luck and Leopold defeat the soldiers stationed in Tolon, Finral travels to the town and creates a portal back to the fortress for the captives to return home.[150]

The group of Knights return to the Heart Kingdom and meet with Lolopechka.[151] Afterward, Noelle, Mimosa, and Lolopechka discuss bathing together, and Finral struggles not to imagine the three royals bathing. A woman alerts the Knights to the reappearance of Charmy in the Polnfrume Forest. Exasperated, Finral prepares to head out again, but Asta goes instead so Finral can rest. Finral watches Asta fly off and is impressed at what the boy can do without magic.[152]

Later, Finral and Asta return to the Black Bulls base to drop off food from the Heart Kingdom. Finral then leaves to retrieve Yami from a captains meeting.[153]

Finral brings Yami back and is surprised to find the base under attack from Dante Zogratis, a member of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad. Finral opens a portal for Yami to appear in midair and block Dante's path.[154] In response, Dante increases the gravity around Finral and Yami. Finral is pulled out of his portal, but Yami catches him and saves them both from being slammed into the ground. Yami then creates an area that negates Dante's gravity and orders Finral to join the other Black Bulls.[155] While watching the fight, Finral wants to help Yami somehow but is too terrified of Dante.[156] After Asta joins Yami in fighting Dante, Finral is amazed at their coordination and amusement.[157]

Finral protects Asta from Zenon's attack.

After Asta defeats Dante, Finral and Vanessa rush forward to congratulate Yami and Asta. Finral holds up the exhausted Asta while Yami goes to restrain Dante. However, Zenon Zogratis arrives and captures Yami. Finral sees that Zenon also has hold of William, and remembers Dante's comments about the Tree of Qliphoth. When Zenon attempts to stab Asta, Finral redirects the bone.[158] After the other Black Bulls' attack are stopped, Finral opens a portal for Vanessa to send Rouge to Yami, but Zenon cancels the portal with his devil's Spatial Magic. The Black Bulls watch helplessly as Zenon carries Yami through a spatial portal.[159]

That night, the Black Bulls return to the Clover Kingdom and take Asta to be examined by Owen. After the examination, Owen advises them all to rest.[160]

The next day, Finral and the others are sitting in the base when the squad's vice-captain, Nacht Faust, briefly visits them. Nacht informs them of the coming mission to infiltrate the Spade Kingdom. Finral wonders why Nacht has avoided returning to the base, to which Nacht replies that he dislikes the squad and the members' reputations. As he leaves, he advises them to get stronger if they want to help save Yami.[161]

Three days later, after Asta defeats the demon attacking the Clover Kingdom, his United form dissipates and he falls from the sky. Fortunately, Finral opens a portal to catch him and deposit him atop a building where the other Black Bulls are waiting for him.[162] Finral transports them to the Spade Kingdom, but Asta flies off on his own after they arrive.[163]

Finral and Langris team up to fight Zenon.

When the rest of the Black Bulls near the castle, Finral warps to Langris's side and saves him from Zenon, who has transformed into a devil. Thanks to Langris's Mana Zone, Finral can use his magic within Zenon's Spatial Mana Domination and warp them both instantly whenever Zenon attacks. The brothers hold hands and prepare to take on Zenon together.[164] The brothers warp around the chamber, avoiding Zenon's bone whips. After Finral uses Mana Method to increase the speed of the spell's activation, they get in close behind Zenon, and Langris carves through Zenon's torso. Unfortunately, Langris's offensive Spatial Magic cannot erase a devil's heart, so Zenon survives and defeats Finral and Langris, with Finral getting pierced by a bone whip.[165]

Yuno uses his new grimoire and Star Magic to free Finral. As Finral puzzles over someone having two grimoires, Yuno creates a Heavenly Wind Ark to lift and carry off Finral and Langris to a healing mage.[166] When Finral and Langris reach the group from the Heart Kingdom, Secre heals their injuries. A short time later, Finral and the other Black Bulls follow the base after it smashes through the castle to the ritual chamber.[167] The Black Bulls shout for Yami, waking him up. When he laughingly asks if they all like him that much, they enthusiastically affirm that they do, and he echoes the sentiment.[168]

Before they can reach Yami, the second gate opens and Lucifero combines the bodies of the devils from the first two levels into one giant, monstrous body, which also pulls in the coffins holding Yami and William. The Black Bulls retreat into the base and work together to create the Ultra Giant Bull.[169] As the base fights the devil, Finral and the others gather in the cockpit.[170] When Asta offers to defeat the monster without hurting the captains, they all encourage him and Finral teleports Asta to a spot overlooking the battlefield.[171] As the battle continues, the Black Bulls do not lose hope when Lucifero heavily damages the base.[172]

After Asta slashes the monster in half, the base catches Yami as he falls. The Black Bulls then gather around Yami on the hand and are overjoyed to see him.[173] The tearful reunion is cut short when Lucifero partially manifests from the monster's remains and crushes the area with heavy gravity.[174] Most of the squad is buried and trapped beneath the base's rubble.[175]

After Lucifero is defeated and Yami and Nacht are on the verge of death, Rouge reaches a thread into the rubble, and the rest of the Black Bulls fly out on The Mini Bull through one of Finral's spatial portals. Charmy feeds Mimosa with magic-restoring food so that Mimosa can use her Ultimate Magic, Princess-Healing Flower Robe, to save the captain and vice-captain. With the Black Bulls together again, they thank Nacht for his help and welcome him, which he accepts.[176]


Finral's Mother
Finesse Calmreich

Battle Prowess


  • Spatial Magic: Finral uses this rare magic attribute to manipulate space.[6] However, he has to see or to have seen where he wants to open a portal to.[177]


  • Mana Method: After training in the Heart Kingdom, Finral has learned to use the country's unique magic technique. He can use arrays to speed up the activation of his other spells.[179]



Cleverness Womanizer
3 3 4 4 4 5


Volume Magic Type Power Magical Wisdom Stamina Vitality
14 500 Wizard 1 3 4 2 3


  • Grimoire: Finral possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire, which contains space-based spells that he could use during combat.[180]




Langris Vaude

Finral has a complicated relationship with his younger brother, Langris Vaude. Despite their forced rivalry as children, Finral is nice to Langris.[181]

Finesse Calmreich

Finral finds Finesse Calmreich beautiful while Finesse admires Finral's kindness, believing that it makes him a better person and Magic Knight. Finral cares a lot about Finesse and how she views him because she was the first person to acknowledge that he has good qualities. Finral tries to change his womanizing ways for Finesse.

Notable Quotes

  • "I do not have to become the strongest. I'll make the Black Bulls the strongest squad!!" 「オレが最強になるんじゃなく... オレが『黒の暴牛』 を最強の団にする!! "Ore ga saikyō ni naru n janaku... Ore ga 'Kuro no Bōgyū' o saikyō no dan ni suru!!"[15]


  • Finral's favorite things are girls.[1]
  • Finral ranked #15 in the first popularity poll, #11 in the second, #18 in the third, #14 in the fourth, and #19 in the fifth.
    • In the VIZ popularity polls, Finral ranked #9 in the first, #5 in the second, #10 in the third, and #12 in the fifth.
  • Finral is the fourth smartest Black Bull.[182]
  • Finral's grimoire design is the background for Volume 13's cover.


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