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Finesse Calmreich 「フィーネス・カルムルイヒ Fīnesu Karumuruihi[1] is a noblewoman of the Clover Kingdom's House Kira, one of its royal families,[2] and is betrothed to the next head of House Vaude, Langris Vaude.[3]


Finesse is a frail woman with shoulder-length black hair that has bangs swept to the left side and purple eyes.

Finesse wears a pink and white gown with red, fur-lined royal mantle draped over her shoulders.


Finesse is an incredibly kind and humble young woman who apologizes to Finral Roulacase for being in poor health and older than him.[4] She also tries to stop Langris Vaude from hurting others because she believes doing so will cause pain to him and those close to him.[5]


Finesse was born into House Kira,[2] a royal family with a history of strong magic, but she contracts a chronic disease that weakens her physically. She is later arranged to marry the next head of House Vaude.

After being introduced to Finral Roulacase, Finesse apologizes that he is having to marry a weak, older woman, but he admits that his younger brother, Langris Vaude, is going to be the next head because Langris is the better brother. Finesse refutes this, saying that Finral's kindness makes him the better one.[4]

Several days after the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Finesse watches as Langris's parents are brought before King Augustus Kira Clover XIII to answer for their son's actions. Finesse begs her granduncle for mercy on Langris and Finral.[2]

Finesse holds back Langris

Finesse tries to stop the possessed Langris.

A possessed Langris breaks into the throneroom and attacks Ledior Vaude and the King. Before the elf can dismember the King, Finesse grabs onto Langris and begs him to stop, but the elf throws her off and attacks her. Finral rushes in and blocks the attack. He then grabs her and pulls her through a portal.[6]

Finesse follows Finral through another portal to his father and stepmother, and he creates a portal for the three to escape. Before she leaves, Finesse asks Finral to return alive, and Finral promises he will with Langris.[7]

Finral vows to become head of House Vaude

Finral declares his intention to marry Finesse.

Several days later in the Golden Dawn base, Finesse visits Langris and sits by his bedside, recounting to him Finral's actions to save him. They are interrupted by the arrival of Finral. The brothers get into an argument, and Finral declares that he will work hard to become the next head of House Vaude and win Finesse's hand, which causes her to blush. Langris then takes his brother aside in the hall, leaving Finesse sitting in the room.[8]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Immense Magic Power: As a royal,[2] Finesse has inherited great magic power, but a chronic disease has made her physically weak.[3]


Finral Roulacase[]

When Finesse first meets Finral Roulacase, she describes him as kinder and more powerful than Langris Vaude.[4]

Notable Quotes[]

  • "That's not true. I've only seen you a few times so far, but I can tell. You're a very kind person. To me, you're the one who's a wonderful Magic Knight, Finral!" 「...そんなことないわ まだ数回しか 会ってないけれど わかるわ... アナタはとても 優しい人... フィンラルさんの方が 私にとっては素敵な 魔法騎士よ...! ...Son'na koto nai wa Mada sū-kai shika attenaikeredo wakaru wa... Anata wa totemo yasa shī hito... Finraru-san no kata ga watashi ni totte wa sutekina mahō kishi yo...![9]


  • Finesse's favorite things are warm vegetable soup and good-hearted people.[1]
  • Finesse ranked #54 (tied with others) in the third popularity poll.


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