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Fanzell Kruger, Dominante Code, Mariella, and Witches vs. Diamond Kingdom Army is a fight that occurs within the Witches' Forest.


Fanzell stand in front of the Diamond Kingdom army alone, which one of the soldiers asks who he is and why he is stand alone. Fanzell calls out to Mars if he recognizes him, which Mars does not answer. The soldier realizes that Fanzell is their former teacher, which Fanzell recognizes the soldier as Ladros.[1]


Ladros gets excited about facing his former teacher and fires a blast at him. Fanzell easily counters the blast and comments about how Ladros and Mars are not how they used to be. Fanzell also says that he will have to fix his past with his magic and releases his mana.[2] Fanzell then asks for them to retreat, which Ladros replies that they should be the ones saying that. Ladros also says that their king is dying and that the Witch Queen can help because she has lived for hundreds of years. Ladros also reminds Fanzell about the Diamond Kingdom's motto, which Fanzell replies that that is reason why he left the kingdom.[3]

Fanzell then charges pass Ladros and Mars and heads towards the army. Some of the soldiers fire spells at Fanzell but Fanzell easily counters their spells. Fanzell then starts to defeat some of the soldiers, when one of the soldier realizes who Fanzell is and that they can get a huge reward for killing him.[4] Fanzell continues to defeat the soldiers while also thinking about how Ladros and Mars are not attacking because of their soldiers and that he will have to face them soon.

A soldier tries to group the army but the army is attacked from below by the witches. Some of the soldiers charge towards the witches below, but Mariella commands a second attack from a different direction. Fanzell and the witches continue their attack, which a soldier wonders how they have knowledge of their movements. Mariella appears behind the soldier and says that she used to work for the kingdom and defeats the soldier.[5]

More soldiers rush to attack, but a security golem shows up and takes them out by exploding. Domina comments about how she tinkered with the golems and orders the witches to attack.[6]


Ladros and Mars are watching the battle. Ladros comments about how there are traps all over the place and that the soldiers are being easily pulled in. Ladros gets excited and decides to join in.[7]


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