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Never Use Your Grimoire Like This!! 「こんな魔導書グリモワールの使い方はダメだ!! Kon'na gurimowāru no tsukaikata wa dameda!!」 is an extra chapter of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover. It was later reprinted in Volume 2.


A lecture for adult mages on the incorrect ways of using a grimoire is in session. Firstly, a grimoire should not be used as a mat for a hot pot in which Charmy Pappitson is doing with her grimoire. Subsequently, using a grimoire as a ruler replacement as shown by Gauche Adlai is also incorrect.

Using the grimoire as a tool to exterminate pests as demonstrated by Magna Swing is also not one of the functions of a grimoire. Moreover, putting your own grimoire for a bet as Yami Sukehiro is doing, is completely wrong. Lastly, using your own grimoire as well as others for a training session is also not one of the grimoire's utilities.

At the end, seeing that all members of the same squad are using their grimoires in the incorrect ways, completely shocks Noelle Silva.


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