The Black Bulls Captain vs. the Crimson Wild Rose 「黒の暴牛団長VSバーサス真紅の野薔薇 Kuro no Bōgyū Danchō Bāsasu Shinku no Nobara」 is the 96th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


At the Eye of the Midnight Sun base, Rill Boismortier apprehends the terrorists using his Painting Magic and asks them about their leader's whereabouts. The terrorists start to die which leaves Rill in confusion since he did not do anything. All the terrorists in the base except Rhya die which leaves the Royal Knights flustered. People at various realms of the Clover Kingdom feel disturbed by the glowing light where the stone tablet was. At the Black Bull hideout, Grey comments about how it differs from the swords of light, which Gauche Adlai says that it is another attack from the Eye of the Midnight Sun. The light slowly vanishes and darkness fills in but subsequently, Grey and Gordon Agrippa is shocked as Gauche starts glowing.

Various people across the kingdom start to glow, including members of the Royal Knights. Asta wonders why Rhya is glowing and says that he will explain what is happening once he stops glowing, but Rhya grins and responds that the humans' era has come to an end. Mimosa Vermillion wonders what is going on with everyone as Klaus Lunettes, Hamon Caseus, and Yuno have suddenly changed appearances. Klaus tells Mimosa to be quiet since she is not one of them. As the revived elves all attack the humans across the kingdom, Patolli feels that the time for revenge has come.[1]

Yami Sukehiro wonders about the light and starts to sense strong magic presences throughout the kingdom. Yami becomes sharpened as he recognizes familiar ki and as he hears some quarrel down, Marx Francois and Owen ascend using Qualle Operation. Yami says that it's high time they showed up and questions them of their appearance and actions. They reveal that they are elves who have taken over Marx's and Owen's bodies and that they have come to destroy all the humans of the Clover Kingdom for revenge. Yami recalls about the reincarnation and says that it is going to be a pain as it was not Eye of the Midnight Sun being possessed. Hearing Yami, the elf possessing Marx decides to end his suffering and starts attacking him with Torment Canceler and the other elf also starts attacking him. Yami precautiously covers Julius Novachrono's corpse with Black Cocoon and maintains his distance while noticing that their powers had skyrocketed. The elves notice that Julius's body is important to Yami and decide that they will destroy it in front of him. Angered by what his friends are being forced to say, Yami leaps at them. Marx fires more arrows, which Yami absorbs with Black Hole and cuts Qualle Operation into pieces by Dark Cloaked Avidya Wild Slash and knocks them unconscious with Dark Cloaked Avidya Blunt Strike. Yami then comments about how powerful they had become even though they were non-combat mages.

Yami jumps off as giant red roses start to bloom from where he was standing and as it cradles Owen and Marx, an elf possessing Charlotte Roselei appears, reprimanding the other elves for letting their guard down. The elf remarks Yami to be quite powerful. Yami calls her as the Spiny Prickly Queen and states that it is not like how she is usually for which she replies that she does not know of whom he speaks but will fight him as long as he is human.[2] While chaos spread across the Royal Capital, Yami continues to fight the elf, Yami thinks that even if the Capital gets destroyed, the kingdom will continue as long as the citizens are safe and sense that it will be troublesome if she continues the rampage. Despite the elf hiding her presence among the scent of roses, Yami was able to find her using her ki and slashes with Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash. Impressed by this, the elf mistook that it was Yami's instinct and continues to attack him. Yami clears off her misunderstanding and realizes that the way she moves resembles Charlotte but her combat tactics are different and realizes that knocking her unconscious would be impossible.

Yami thinks back on how Charlotte's roses had turned blue when she was cursed and that they stayed blue even when the curse was broken, Yami concludes that the true form of Briar Magic has been awakened by the elf. As Yami continues to battle the elf he comments about how pathetic it is since someone else is controlling Charlotte's magic even though Charlotte had become strong while using her weakened magic. Sol Marron shows up bruised with her Rampaging Mother Earth and asks Charlotte if she has mistakenly attacked her own squad members. The elf tells Sol to stop talking to her so familiarly, and that she has a younger brother and no sisters. Yami leaps onto the golem and asks Sol to take away the cocoon saying that he will handle Charlotte. Sol argues with Yami and refuses to run away. Sol gets down saying that she will bring her sister back to her senses and tries to use her Earth Magic but she realizes that she cannot control her magic within the space of the elf's magic and gets astonished on how Yami was handling her. Disappointed, Sol recalls her past and feels indebted to Charlotte. Sol gets determined to turn her normal even if it kills her but Yami stops Sol and knocks some sense into her for which she pleads with Yami to bring back her sister despite her pride and leaves.

The Elf tries to trap Yami with briars but Yami absorbs them using Black Hole. Yami closes the distance and tells Charlotte that she always had his respect and she is not that weak to let an elf do whatever she wants with her body. The elf backs off acknowledging Yami for his strength and decides to go all out to kill him. Seeing this, Yami senses trouble and thinks that if he also does not go all out there will be casualties. Their spells, Scarlet-Braided Beautiful Battle Spear and Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash, clash against each other.[3]

Back at the dungeon, Luck Voltia and Ben Benfunk glow which surprises Noelle Silva as she recognizes it is powerful and is similar to Vetto's magic. Luck grins.[4]


Magic and Spells used

Magic Spells

Petit Clover

Noelle, the Beautiful Little Royal Girl of the "Na" Column 「ナ行の美少女 王様ノエル Na Gyō no Bishōjo Ōsama Noeru」: Noelle's demeanor changes as the first syllable of her name is changed: Naeru languishes 「萎える naeru」, Nieru stews 「煮える naeru」 in a large pot, Nueru sews 「縫える nueru」, and Neiru shows off her painted nails 「ネイル neiru」.


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