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Reincarnation 「転生 Tensei」 is the 95th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Looking back at distant memories, a four-leaf clover grimoire containing Sword Magic chose Licht during a ceremony in a Grimoire Tower. A young elf asked his mother about the symbol, and she explained that it was a sign of good luck. The young elf, Patolli, became acquainted with Licht and Rhya. Patolli inquired Licht about the rumors of humans planning to attack the Elf Tribe. Patolli added that humans are a wicked race who hunt animals for sport and even though humans have weak magic as they grew in the population, it may pose a threat to elves. Licht replied that humans are afraid like the elves are and that these two different cultures should understand each other since they are bestowed grimoires from the same earth.

Licht then noticed a magical tornado running wild and heard a woman scream from inside. Licht leaps toward the tornado while another person approached behind the tornado. Licht struck the tornado with Origin Flash and the other struck it with Lamp of Avior which destroyed the tornado. Patolli marveled at Licht's magic and compared it to the human's which equaled Licht's strength. Licht caught Tetia as she fell, and she thanked Licht for saving her. Her brother teased her for getting caught despite possessing Wind Magic, and Tetia apologized to him. Licht noticed that the brother also had a four-leaf clover grimoire and showed his own grimoire.

Sometime later, Rhya and Vetto noticed that Licht and the two humans had been getting along quite well. Rhya noted that Licht was happy that he has human friends who share his idea. However, Patolli was worried about Licht.

Tetia's brother suggested that the elves could make the world a better and safer place if they would combine their mana power with human magic technology. Later the elves celebrated Licht and Tetia's pregnancy, and Rhya teased Patolli, who refused to be treated as a kid forever. At a feast before the wedding ceremony, Rhya arrived late while Vetto and Fana teased Rhya about his lacking attitude. Rhya picked a fight with Patolli, noticing he still sits next to Licht and said that he will not be able to sit beside Licht after he gets married. Patolli argued with Rhya, but Tetia suggested that Licht belongs to everyone and not only to her even after the marriage, to which Rhya appreciated her kindness. Fana inquired about Licht's feeling about being a father in a few months. Licht replied that he feels happy and the child is his future which builds the bridge between humans and elves.

At the wedding ceremony, everyone congratulated and blessed Licht and Tetia, and Tetia's brother asked Licht to take care of her. Licht thanked everyone and told Patolli that he was looking forward to what grimoire Patolli would receive tomorrow. Patolli was happy as Licht remembered and thought that Licht looked very happy and that it had been a long time since he saw Licht in such a state. At the same time, Patolli was still quite uncertain whether elves and humans could understand each other. After the ceremony, a barrage of Light Magic rained down on the elves and a barrier prevented the elves from using magic to defend themselves. Watching the slaughter, Patolli remembered that Tetia's brother was a Light Magic user, and vowed never to forgive humans. Patolli was struck down before he could finish his statement. The last thing Patolli saw was Licht standing up with his wife in his arms and creating magic circles overhead.

Patolli was surprised to wake up and to find he was not dead. However, when he looked into a mirror, he saw that he looked like Licht but the mana told him it was a human body. Patolli then realized that Licht must have cast a forbidden Reincarnation Magic spell before he died. Patolli looked out the window and sensed the souls of the other elves, figuring out that he was the only one truly reincarnated. Patolli noticed a grimoire on the bed but he could not use it as it belonged to the other soul present in this body. Patolli headed to a Grimoire Tower. Patolli did not know whether it was coincidence or not, but he was reincarnated into Licht's form as he was the chosen one and will portray himself as Licht from here on. In the tower, Patolli received a four-leaf clover grimoire containing Light Magic. Patolli promised that he would revive the elves and destroy the humans.[1]

After a while, Patolli used Evil Eye to revive Rhya in a body that resembled Rhya's own and also explained how difficult it was to revive him. Patolli asked Rhya not to get in the way of his mission, with which Rhya agreed while calling Patolli Licht. Rhya noticed Vetto and Fana behind Patolli. Patolli then described how he revived Vetto and Fana in a similar manner. Patolli then said to them that he was only able to reincarnate them and it will take enormous mana and sacrifices in order to revive the rest of the elves, so he decided to gather the magic stones by using the humans themselves.

In the present, as Patolli's goal has succeeded, he gives a twisted face while stating that they were the foundation of the resurrection. Rades Spirito then realizes that Patolli has fooled them and accuses Patolli of it. Rades, Sally, and Valtos then start to feel the effects of the tablet. Patolli explains to the three of them that he marked them to be sacrificed for the forbidden magic. Rades tells Patolli that he has never used the name that Patolli gave him and only went on his own. Remembering when Patolli told him that they are precious comrades, Valtos asks if they are comrades, to which Patolli replies that they are precious sacrifices to revive his comrades. Rades, Valtos, and Sally then all die as their souls leave their bodies.[2]

Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells
  1. Wind Magic (flashback)
  2. Sword Magic (flashback)
  3. Light Magic (flashback)
  4. Reincarnation Magic
  5. Fire Magic (flashback)
  1. Origin Flash (flashback)
  2. Lamp of Avior (flashback)
  3. Evil Eye (flashback)

Petit Clover[]

Sally, the Strange Little Glasses Girl of the "Sa" Column 「サ行の不思議 メガネっ子サリー Sa Gyō no Fushigi Megane-kko Sarī」: Sally's demeanor changes as the first syllable of her name is changed: Shiri shakes her butt 「尻 shiri」, Suri rubs 「擦り suri」 her syringe, Serori eats celery 「セロリ serori」, and Sori rides a sled 「そり sori」 down a snowy hill.


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