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New Future 「新しい未来 Atarashii Mirai」 is the 94th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Standing beside the fallen Julius Novachrono, Licht introduces himself to Yami Sukehiro as the captain mistook him as William Vangeance and informs Yami that William is sleeping inside him. As a teardrop falls from his eye, Licht corrects that perhaps William is watching the fallen Wizard King. Yami asks Licht to prepare for whatever happens next and also notices the startled Marx Francois, who was watching Julius being defeated. Yami orders Marx to hurry up and get Owen so they can heal Julius. Valtos appears using his Spatial Magic and calls out to Licht. Noticing this, Yami tries to cut off his escape route, but Licht quickly escapes with Valtos and tells Yami that they will never understand each other. Yami then checks up on Julius who compliments Yami about his spell and says that Yami is an amazing Magic Knight. Julius feels happy that the next generation of Magic Knights has grown up well, the generation after that is starting to bloom, and his wish will live on with the Magic Knights.

Back at the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base, Mereoleona Vermillion continues her assault against Rhya trying to burn him to ashes. Rhya realizes that he stood no chance against Mereoleona and decides to self destruct himself so he can kill her. Sensing this, Asta quickly intervenes before Mereoleona could punch Rhya and throws Rhya off using his Demon-Slayer Sword. Rhya recognizes that Asta knows about the spell and is astonished on how fast Asta can be. Asta shouts that he already watched the other two self destruct and punches Rhya in the face asking him not to throw away his life. Asta questions what the Eye of the Midnight Sun is doing, and he has no idea about their revenge against humanity since they are human too. Asta also asks to hear their story since he will tell them his, and that they cannot die until that happens. Mereoleona grabs Asta for butting in on their fight and tells him that the Eye of the Midnight Sun has no intention of understanding them and that they need to crush the enemy now. Asta asks Mereoleona why, since the Eye of the Midnight Sun members are human too and that they are angry because something precious to them was hurt.

Asta also says that he has been thinking about it for a while as they are fighting each other because they cannot forgive one another. Julius thinks about how he wanted to create a kingdom with no discrimination or hate. Asta also tells Mereoleona that he wants to create a land where everyone is free to laugh and smile together when he is the Wizard King, Mereoleona thinks about how Asta is proclaiming something overambitious without any hesitation. Rhya thinks about how Asta is serious and how there was someone like Asta a long time ago. Rhya also thinks that if everyone was like Asta then things might be different, but then comments that there is no stopping them now.

Valtos and Licht appear near the stone tablet[1] and are greeted by Sally and Rades Spirito. Rades inquires why it took so long and asks if Licht was able to acquire the remaining magic stones. Valtos replies that things got better than what was planned and Licht has killed the Wizard King. Licht felt unstoppable and that it is finally the moment.

Yami asks Julius to hold on a little longer. Julius warns Yami that Licht has something else planned since Licht already had the power to kill everyone in the kingdom and apologizes to him as he let Licht take away the magic stones from him. Marx travels along with Owen in a flying carpet hoping that they will make it in time. Julius also feels that Marx would be angry at him for letting this happen and he wishes that he would be there when Fuegoleon Vermillion wakes up. Yami says that he will not let Julius just die like that, and thinks about how Julius convinced him to join the Magic Knights, working with Julius as a Magic Knight, and when Julius had made him a Magic Knight Captain. Hearing this, Julius tells Yami that he leaves the rest up to him. Yami cries out and slowly stands up and salutes him saying that he can leave things to him. Julius feels relieved from Yami's reply and happy about meeting numerous people and various kinds of magic. Meanwhile, Julius's blue star mark and his grimoire vanish slowly, and Julius dies. Yami proclaims that they will protect this kingdom.

At the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base, Cob Portaport wonders if everything is going as planned. Inside the base, Yuno's group reaches the central room. Mimosa Vermillion warns everyone to be careful since incredible mana is inside. Yuno replies that no matter the opponent, he has no intention of losing. Once inside the room, they notice that someone is floating in it. As the others wonder about the person, Sylph seems to know the mana.

At Licht's location, Licht takes out the two magic stones and starts setting it in the Tree of Life Monument. Before setting the final stone, Licht rejoices that after setting it their true power will awaken. The three of them devise on what they can do after attaining power. Valtos expresses that he is indebted to Licht as he changed his future, and the others agree to follow Licht, too. Licht tells the others that he is so proud of them for all their hard work and also reminds them about their long-cherished dream finally coming true, making others fall in excitement. However, Licht then expresses his true feelings on how twisted they all are and how truly disgusting their existence is. Licht places the final stone into the monument while saying that they will be the foundation for the rebirth.

The monument starts to glow and people from various locations of the kingdom notice this, and it also reaches all the way to the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base. Starting to glow, Rhya realizes that the rebirth has started, and Zora Ideale senses danger as Rhya's power dramatically increases. Rhya states that they are going to regain their true form and power while he slowly changes to an elf.

The person in the central room wakes up. Sensing the terrifying magic power the person has, Mimosa says that they need to withdraw but notices that Yuno is also glowing.[2]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Studying 「お勉強 O Benkyō」: Julius is teaching Yami how to write and inspires him to surpass his limits.


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