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Julius Novachrono 「ユリウス・ノヴァクロノ Yuriusu Novakurono」 is the 93rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


The impulse from the ongoing battle attracts the people from the Royal Capital. King Augustus Kira Clover XIII seems to rest peacefully in spite of the ruckus. Marx Francois rushes out to see through the window and senses that it was Julius Novachrono who is fighting, as for the opponent he deduces that someone who uses Light Magic and keeps up with Julius's speed might be Licht. Marx calms himself and the panicked Magic Knights behind him and analyzes the situation. Marx realizes even if the Magic Knights try to assist Julius they will only be in the way and the only ones who can follow it are the Magic Knights Captains and he contacts them right away using Communication Magic. Marx informs them about the situation and asks the Magic Squad Captains to arrive at the castle after securing their district.

The situation at the Crimson Lion turns into chaos as Mereoleona Vermillion was supposed to be fighting at the enemy's base but their leader is spotted here. Leopold Vermillion steps up and takes control in spite of losing his chance to avenge his brother. At the Golden Dawn headquarters, Yami Sukehiro hears the message and immediately takes off, hoping that what he imagines should turn out wrong.

As the fight continues, Julius starts to mock Licht for his dull movements. Licht destroys some structures during the fight but Julius prevents them from falling down into the city by using his Restraining Magic. Licht gets surprised that Julius was able to keep up with his movements and wonders how far in the future can Julius really anticipate. Frustrated, Licht throws a light spell onto Julius which he catches using his magic and redirects at Licht with a higher speed. Licht evades it but Julius appears behind trying to catch him but Licht escapes in the nick of time. Julius acknowledges Licht's speed as even though he was able to anticipate Litch's moves he was not able to capture him. Licht gets to know that Julius is not fighting back as he was trying not to hurt William Vangeance's body. Astounded by Julius's strength, Licht wonders what kind of grimoire he has because it seems superior to his four-leaf grimoire and inspects where it is. Sensing this, Julius points at his grimoire which appears to have only a bunch of pages with no cover or binder. Julius starts to explain how unique the grimoire was and tells his tale as the Wizard King.

Licht realizes that as he was trying to disturb the natural order of the world, Julius was created by fate in order to stop him. Julius appears behind Licht to capture him again but Licht becomes determined that he should defeat Julius at any cost. Licht flies off into the air and releases his Seal Magic while shouting out "try to protect everyone". Julius senses that Licht's magic has swelled up and shortly after Licht prepares a spell, where countless Light arrows envelop the Clover Kingdom. Julius did not anticipate that he had enough magic energy to overwhelm the entire kingdom and hopes that he does not plan to attack the people but to his surprise, Licht says that even though he will not be able to take Julius down he will kill everyone in the kingdom.[1]

Out in Hage village, Sister Lily and the others wonder what was shining above the kingdom. As others start to worry about this, Sister Lily calms them mentioning that even if it is omniscient, they still have Magic Knights on their side. While rushing towards the castle, Yami spots the countless light arrows above and becomes more concerned about Julius. As the people look at Licht's spell, some of them wonder if this is the end. Licht casts his spell, Arrows of Judgment, making the countless arrows fall down.

Julius thinks back at his past where the nobles had high mana but served no purpose at all and get mentioned as one possessing a bizarre grimoire. Julius was searching for a purpose in his life while fighting as a Magic Knight and recalls the encounter with Zara Ideale, who was different from the others as he prioritized helping people above all, so Julius praised him as a true Magic Knight. A little while later, Julius learned of Zara's death and, while going to pay his respects, he encountered a young Zora Ideale, who ran off even before Julius could talk with him. Later, Julius came to hear about how Zara was killed and the nobles did not care about this. Julius feels frustrated because the nobles are becoming too arrogant and the poor gave up even though they had the same potential. Julius then thinks about how he had to become the Wizard King in order for his voice to he heard about changing things. Julius continues to contemplate how things have been slowly changed by those that he believed in. Recollecting all these memories, Julius decides that he cannot let it end now and immediately uses Chrono Anastasis, which stops and erases Licht's spell.

Licht acknowledges Julius for the tremendous Time Magic he used to save the entire kingdom. Licht continues that even though Julius knew that he was about to attack him, Julius did not cancel his spell to evade him because Julius is the Wizard King, his only weakness. As Yami arrives at the scene, he is shocked to see Licht stabbing Julius with a light sword.[2] Julius spits up blood and collapses on the floor. Licht takes the remaining two magic stones from him. Furious, Yami takes out his katana and confronts Licht, calling him "Vangeance."[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Please, Calm Down! 「落ち着いてください Ochitsuite kudasai」: In his panic to contact the Magic Knights captains, Marx accidentally calls the wrong places.


  • To celebrate the anime's fifth anniversary, episodes chosen by the series' staff and cast were rebroadcast weekly. TV Tokyo's planning manager, Shōta Īda chose Episode 93, and it was re-aired on November 6, 2022.[4]


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