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The Wizard King vs. the Eye of the Midnight Sun's Leader 「魔法帝VSバーサス白夜の魔眼頭首 Mahōtei Bāsasu Byakuya no Magan Tōshu」 is the 92nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Back at the Black Bull hideout, Grey requests Henry Legolant to turn the hideout back to normal, to which Henry replies that he has no mana left. Gauche Adlai digs through the hideout's remains for his merchandise of Marie and shouts back at Henry for his slowpoke attitude. Ignoring Grey and Gordon Agrippa's warnings, Gauche asks Henry to come down and help search. Henry gets down and absorbs all of Gauche's mana, causing Gauche to collapse. After a while, Gauche finds the box containing the merchandise. He notices a smudge on the cheek of a doll and vows to kill the Eye of the Midnight Sun members. Henry points out that they already left, so Gauche turns his anger on Henry but does not have the mana to attack him. Grey wonders what the terrorists stole from the hideout. Gauche claims that they might be just bluffing and remembers that Yami Sukehiro asked the Black Bulls to defend the hideout from bandits.

At the Golden Dawn headquarters, Yami is impatiently waiting for William Vangeance's arrival and yells at the Golden Dawns for staring at him. Two of the members offer him some tea but he shouts back at them for making him wait. The Magic Knights apologize politely for the actions of their vice-captain, Langris Vaude, and ask Yami to have some faith in their captain, claiming that he would not knowingly insult Yami. Thinking back on their past meetings, Yami does not think of William as a liar and trusts William despite his instinct.

Marx Francois enters the Wizard King's room. He is unable to find Julius Novachrono anywhere or to contact him through his Communication Magic. Marx worries about Julius for not being serious about his works as the Wizard King. Julius stands atop a castle wall and gazes at the Royal Capital, pondering about the Royal Knights expedition. Shortly after he hears footsteps approaching and welcomes William, saying that it is not often that William requests to meet him. William thanks Julius for making time and recollects the past, growing up as a cursed child in the Forsaken Realm and then becoming the heir for a noble family. Julius was the first to acknowledge his strength despite his looks, gave him the mask as he was conscious of his scar, and opened for him a new path as a Magic Knight. William always respected Julius for this and dedicated himself to Julius, who feels embarrassed on hearing this. William continues that he climbed up as the Golden Dawn's captain to create the ultimate squad as the best way to repay Julius and for some other person who is always within him even before Julius met William. William states that both of them are important to him and both walk a different path. William refuses to choose between them and asks for them to decide themselves. William's scar slowly disappears as he transforms into Licht, the leader of Eye of the Midnight Sun. Julius admits that he had hoped that this was not the case.[1]

Julius had always felt that William was always hiding something from him, which Yami felt too and deduced that maybe that was why Fuegoleon Vermillion was caught off guard as he encountered a familiar face. Julius also suspected William in several instances but never really thought that there were two souls in the same body. Julius asks Licht about the scar. Licht looks back at the past and resents that he trusted humans but he felt that William was an exception who was able to understand his feelings and helped him so far and also says that he will collect all the magic stones to complete his objective. Julius appreciates William for being such a kind person. Julius gets clear of Licht's motive to get revenge against humans and that Licht requires the two other magic stones which Julius possesses.

Licht opens his grimoire to prepare for battle. Off in the Golden Dawn base, Yami senses something. Licht starts out by attacking Julius with swords of light, which Julius easily stops by using Chrono Stasis Grigora, educating him that Light Magic is indeed the fastest magic but that does not mean it is unstoppable. Licht tries to test Julius's agility by creating countless light swords, which Julius counters anyways. Licht feels ironic that he was born with Light Magic as only it has the power to oppose Time Magic. Licht then uses Bright Judgment Whip, which Julius dodges using his magic. Meanwhile, the rumbling from the battle alerts Marx and the other Magic Knights in the palace. Licht assumes that Julius is using a combination of Mana Zone and time acceleration to anticipate what happens in the near future. Licht thinks that Julius should not have underestimated him and appears behind Julius, striking with his sword.

Both of them settle down on a platform. Julius has a wound across his chest. Licht looks down on Julius for being slow and says that even if Julius can see what happens ahead, there are limits on how quickly Julius can evade. Julius describes the true nature of Time Magic: to steal and store time from his target. Julius reverses time on his wound, which astonishes Licht. Julius says that as one born with magic to steal futures, his goal as Wizard King is to create an indiscriminate future where everyone lives peacefully, and promises that until that happens he will not die. Licht charges at him saying that such a future cannot happen with humans.

Confident in his speed, Licht tries to ambush Julius again from behind but to his surprise, Julius becomes faster and appears behind Licht. Licht thinks that Julius was able to anticipate things faster and tries to counter-attack him, but Julius destroys his light sword and states that he can already see the future where Licht cannot defeat him.[2]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Anticipation 「先読み Sakiyomi」: Julius uses his Time Magic to predict the things Licht will do.


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