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Mereoleona vs. Rhya the Treachery 「メレオレオナVSバーサス不実のライア Mereoreona Bāsasu Fujitsu no Raia」 is the 91st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Nozel Silva's Mercury Magic overwhelms the Eye of the Midnight Sun members. One of the terrorists creates a huge arm out of Earth Magic, but Nozel's Silver Shining Regal Spear pierces the arm and swings down, cutting through the stone block and floor. Nozel's teammates are amazed by the captain's skills and power. Nozel notes that the enemy's spatial mage should have exited the hideout at this time and that due to Cob Portaport's spatial jamming spell, the mage will not be able to return to the hideout easily. Nozel resolves that he will not let Licht escape.

In another part of the dungeon, Kirsch Vermillion's Cherry Blossom Magic overwhelms more terrorists. Kirsch exclaims that his former arrogant side has been cast aside along with his hair, and because of that, his magic has become more beautiful. Noelle Silva interrupts him for being creepy and attacks the enemies with Sea Dragon's Waterballs. Ben Benfunk emerges from the cherry blossoms and hits an enemy with his Red Shine Mace. Noelle teases Ben, but he does not mind her and states that he better go all out or else Mereoleona Vermillion will smack him. Using Thunder Fiend, Luck Voltia blitzes several enemies. He pities Magna Swing for missing the opportunity to come to this exciting place and then decides to go crazy so that he can boast about this to Magna.

On another path, Yuno has defeated several terrorists, and Sylph appreciates him. One of the terrorists claims that no matter what the Royal Knights do, it will be futile since the Eye of the Midnight Sun members will be reborn in their true forms soon. Puzzled by the enemy's statements, Mimosa Vermillion inspects the surroundings and realizes that the pattern on the wall gets more numerous as they go deeper, which unsettles her. Yuno hears something from the depths of the dungeon.

Asta and Zora Ideale shout about their abilities to combat the enemy, while Mereoleona crushes the enemies with a single blow. Shocked by this, Asta and a copy of him exclaim that they had nothing to do and tell her to take a break. The two Astas inquire if the other is Grey. Mereoleona and Zora start questioning the clones and receive the same responses, and they cannot detect which of them is original as both of them are not emitting any magical power. Getting infuriated by this, Mereoleona sets both of them on fire. Asta uses his Demon-Slayer Sword to extinguish the flames and questions whether she was trying to kill him. Meanwhile, the copy uses Aqua Curtain to extinguish the fire and uses Healing Ray of Light to heal himself, thereby revealing himself as Rhya.

Zora is astonished by the amount of magical power emitted by Rhya. A fierce conversation occurs between Rhya and Mereoleona as they prepare to battle. Rhya attacks them with Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash, Mereoleona punches the spell, setting it on fire straight away, and says that Yami Sukehiro's attack packs more of a punch. Before Rhya can reply, she appears right beside him, punches him with Calidus Brachium, and says that he can burn for her brother's sake.[1] Meanwhile, in the Crimson Lion base, Leopold Vermillion is staring out of a window next to the bed where Fuegoleon Vermillion is lying comatose. Fuegoleon's fingers subtly twitch.

Zora is amazed by Mereoleona's speed, power, and sheer combat strength. Asta is shocked that she is able to fight close range. Knocked back into one of the chambers, Rhya stands back up and heals himself. While Asta gets ready to fight, Mereoleona throws him back and orders him to just stay and watch. Rhya feels that she is more trouble than other people in the dungeon but she should not have such a big head for stealing the magic from them. Rhya hopes that his blades of light will be too fast for her, but to his surprise, she easily fends it off with her superhuman movements. She quickly charges towards him, appearing right above him to punch again, but Rhya escapes using Invisible Scout and attacks her from behind with Aqua Javelin. Mereoleona kicks the air, changing directions, and punches the spell, which reminds Rhya of Vetto's reaction speed. She punches him again, making him fly off. Rhya uses his most powerful Water Magic spell, Tainted Culvert Wyrm, but she easily catches it and evaporates it with a punch. Next, he uses Salamander's Breath, which she again counters, charges towards him, and barrages him with her punches. He releases a series of spells of various attributes and is frustrated when she counters them all.

Watching the battle, Zora claims that she really is a beast and recalls that the Royal Capital was a stuffy place for her and she wanted to eat the meats of wild beasts so she lives more than 300 days of the year in the wilderness like a beast herself. She steeped herself in the natural world mana and her Mana Skin reached a higher level while she lived out there, and he concludes that she is a monster herself as others think of it as a rumor. Even though Zora had never heard about Rhya or his Imitation Magic, he feels that Rhya really is troublesome as he can use any attribute and can cast it more powerfully than an average mage does. He also spots that Rhya cannot use different attributes at the same time. Asta watches the battle closely, hoping to steal any of Mereoleona's moves.

Irritated, Rhya pulls a Demon-Slayer Sword from his grimoire, revealing that he only needs to touch someone's grimoire to copy it. Rhya thinks back to when he first received his grimoire and felt that it suited him as he was empty inside. Licht disagreed, saying that Rhya likes everyone and carefully looks at people. Rhya reflects that Licht was wrong as all he was is a liar, slacker, and disloyal. Angered that the humans tricked and killed Licht, Rhya's face twists as he resolves to kill all the humans. He charges towards Mereoleona with the sword, but she breaks it with a punch, revealing that he cannot copy Anti Magic. Rhya notes her fist would have shattered off if the sword had been Anti Magic but she did not hesitate. Rhya is terrified of the magic power and superhuman strength she exhibits. Mereoleona asks him if he is out of moves, and Rhya realizes that she has surpassed Mana Skin and is controlling mana across the area. She then unleashes Calidus Brachium Barrage, and the constant attacks are too rapid for him to escape or to recover. Zora feels pity for Rhya, and Asta is impressed since he had so much trouble with the rest of the Third Eye previously.[2]

Elsewhere, Yuno creates three Tornado Fangs behind his opponents. Analyzing Yuno's fights, Mimosa realizes that he has been using Mana Zone, even during the Royal Knights Selection Exam. As the team flies up a staircase, they hear the heartbeat-like sound again. Sylph claims that she has felt this mana before.[3] Up ahead, a figure floats inside a ball made of light.



Magic and Spells used[]

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