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Beasts 「獣 Kemono」 is the 9th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta gets chased by a wild boar while Noelle Silva and Magna Swing watch. Noelle tries to use her Water Magic to help him but ends up hitting him with it instead. Asta manages to take one down using his sword. He takes down the other four and they carry them back to Sosshi. Along the way, Magna tells them about his nearby village and how when he was a kid he tried to take over Sosshi. Magna challenged Seihi multiple times but lost every time. Seihi actually had enough power to become a Magic Knight and was the one who told Magna to take the exam. Magna says that Seihi was the one who showed him how to be a "real man."

The Black Bulls arrive at the village but find it covered in mist. Magna tells Asta to cut through it with his sword. They end up at the main square and find the townspeople huddled together with deadly ice spikes hanging over them. Magna destroys the spikes with Exploding Buckshot. He finds Seihi on the ground, having been killed. Heath Graice sends a large ice block towards them but Asta saves them by cutting the magic in half.[1] Asta asks Heath why he is there, to which Heath responds that he is getting rid of the townspeople because they are beasts. Asta tells him that he will protect these people.

Heath and his men create an infinite flurry of icicles. The Black Bulls try to defend the townspeople but Heath keeps creating more icicles. Heath says that if they give up he will let them live but Asta refuses. When Anna begs for Noelle's help, Noelle is inspired and creates a dome of water over everyone to keep out the ice.[2]


Magic and Spells used[]

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Petit Clover[]

Separation and Reunion 「別離×そして×再会 Betsuri soshite Saikai」: A boar apologizes for the destruction it caused so Asta allows it to reunite with its family.


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