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Go! Go! First Mission 「ゴーゴー初任務 Gō Gō Hatsu Ninmu」 is the 8th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta cleans, does the laundry, and feeds the beasts. He tries to wake up Yami Sukehiro, but is yelled at and told to go away. He realizes that he has no idea what Magic Knights are supposed to do. At breakfast in the cafeteria, Asta asks Noelle Silva why she does not help him with the chores. She tells him that it is because she is royalty but Asta believes that is not fair. Asta asks the group what Magic Knights are supposed to do. Magna Swing tells him that they protect the kingdom and handle security. Everyone else gives him their ideal versions of that answer.[1]

Yami arrives and calls Magna to go with him on a mission. Asta asks to come along but Magna says that they cannot bring any kids on an adult mission. Magna and Yami go to a casino and gamble away all their money and personal belongings. Yami asks for one more round and bets his grimoire. Instead, Seihi asks for them to do whatever he asks if he wins. Yami accepts the terms. They walk back to the Black Bulls base naked because they lost. They give Noelle and Asta their first mission as Magic Knights: hunt wild boars near Sosshi. Noelle wonders if she should go since she cannot handle her magical powers. Magna says that this will help her learn to control them and that any mess they make he will clean it up. They ask Finral Roulacase to transport them to the village but he tells them that he cannot go to places he has not been before. Magna says that they will travel by broomstick but neither Noelle nor Asta can fly one. Magna offers to give them a lift on his Crazy Cyclone and flies them to the village.[2]

Meanwhile, at Sosshi, a group of people teleport there and defeat several boars. Heath Graice tells them that the magic stone is there and that they must find it.


Magic and Spells used[]

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Petit Clover[]

Regards! 「夜露屍苦! Yoroshiku!」: Magna shows off his Crazy Cyclone to Noelle, but she says that his hair is more like a crazy cyclone.


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