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Mage X 「魔道士Xエックス Madōshi Ekkusu」 is the 76th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Finral's statement that he was going to win against Langris has angered his brother. The fifth battle of the Royal Knights Selection Exam is then announced: Team I vs. Team J. Team I consists of a mysterious character named "X", along with Nils Ragus and Ruben Chagar. Team J consists of Roland, Wainsley, and Nix. Asta mistakes the name "X" for "times", but Mimosa corrects him. Noelle wonders if the mage wanted to keep their identity a secret. Ruben and Nils do not know who or where "X" is. King Augustus Kira Clover XIII says that Team I will be disqualified if "X" is not found soon, so the announcer calls for "X". A strange mage uses magic to remove their disguise, revealing Rill Boismortier, the captain of the Aqua Deer.

Some other participants are surprised to see a captain participating in the Royal Knights Selection Exam. Rill asks if captains were not able to participate, but Julius Novachrono says that captains are allowed, when really he just wants to see Rill's cool Painting Magic again. Julius says that it is the other team's chance to defeat a captain and make a name for themselves. It turns out that Rill entered the exam to boost his squad's reputation after they came in last place at the Star Awards Festival.

The butler of the Boismortier family, Walter then appears, saying that he is glad for Rill to be in the exam. Rill recognizes Asta, saying that they should both do their best in the exam. Asta says that Walter is scary, when Walter goes over to Asta and offers him a cup of tea. It turns out that Rill has told Walter about Asta, presumably the time that Asta helped him capture Gueldre, and says that Asta must be Rill's friend. Asta thinks the tea is "too classy" for him. Walter says that Rill could never have had a friend before. After that, the announcer finally announces the fifth match to start, and when Rill says that he will paint the best picture ever, Nils and Ruben wonder what he means by that.[1]

At the start of the match, Rill is stalling by looking at the sky, when Nils and Ruben tell Rill that the match has started and he should be fighting instead. Rill says that he could create blue paint that could be used to paint the sky by crushing stones (lapis lazuli), and create white paint that could be used to paint the clouds with seashells. After that, Rill is finally ready for battle, saying that he will create a beautiful painting on the canvas of the battlefield.

Rill immediately uses a spell to fly over to Team J's crystal, but gets captured by Roland's Plant Magic. Asta, Yuno, and Klaus wonder why and how Rill got captured since he is a captain and should be one of the strongest mages in the Clover Kingdom. Nix wonders if it is really okay to defeat Rill since he is the captain of the Aqua Deer; however, Roland says that Team J should give their all and fight, no matter who the enemy is, with which Wainsley and Nix agree. Roland uses Magic Pollen, a plant-based Reinforcement Magic spell, to boost his teammates' magic power, while Nix and Wainsley use Flame Spike and Icicle Bridge, respectively, trying to take down Rill, who comments on how beautiful of a canvas the battlefield is.

Four years ago, Rill had shut himself in his room after receiving his grimoire and let his magic do whatever it wanted, like he was possessed. Nobody could stop him because of how much magic power he had. Rill did not listen to anything that his mother said, and just kept drawing and painting, for which his mom called him a monster. Rill was frustrated that he could not get his paintings right, and destroyed part of his house with the painting. Rill's mother told him to stop drawing, and regretted giving birth to him. Rill attacked his mother with a spell, and when Walter entered the room, he also also attacked, forcing him leave the room. Rill said that he could not draw or paint the way that he wanted and that no one understood his pain. Walter slapped the paintbrush out of Rill's hand, and Rill saw how much he had hurt Walter with the explosions he had created. Walter said that if Rill wanted to be understood, he had to understand others too, and asked if Rill wanted other people to see his paintings as well. Walter told Rill that his paintings were too big for the canvas that he was using, and that the canvas that he could display his magic with his full potential would be the Magic Knights. Walter added that if Rill joined, he would be able to create the ultimate masterpiece, which convinced Rill to join the Magic Knights.

Walter says that Rill is the pride of House Boismortier since he became the youngest captain in history. Meanwhile, Rill wants to show Walter the ultimate picture, and uses Deux Tempêtes of Fire and Ice, countering Nix's Fire Magic with water and Wainsley's Ice Magic with fire, as Rill's Painting Magic can recreate any element by painting it.[2] The spell breaks though Wainsley's and Nix's magic, knocking them out, and creates a picture on the ground. When Roland asks what that was, Rill says that he still has not managed to create the ultimate painting yet.

Nils then uses an ice blade spell to free Rill from the vines trapping him, and Ruben uses Rock Storm to defeat Roland and break Team J's crystal, giving Team I the win. However, Rill is looking at the painting he made, saying he could have made it crazier, but that the cobalt blue stands out. Nils and Ruben tell Rill to concentrate on the match, even though it is over, and question their ability to get through the rest of the tournament.

Next, the sixth battle of the first round is announced: Team K vs. Team L. Teams I and J leave the battlefield to make way for the next match, and Nils and Ruben have to drag Rill away from the battlefield because he was too distracted looking at the painting he created to hear that the sixth battle will start soon. Luck is excited for the sixth battle, as he is on Team K, but Klaus tells him to take it more seriously, as it decides who will go to the Royal Knights. The other member of Team K, Puli Angel appraises Luck as a crazy boy and Klaus a quiet, straitlaced four-eyes and determines that she is not on a good team; however, she still intends that for them to do their best in the upcoming battle.

Puli and Luck are more excited for the upcoming battle than Klaus, who fells that he has to remain the responsible one. Asta and Mimosa cheer Klaus on, and Klaus just tells them to watch his battle. Klaus says that him and the rest of Team K have to watch out for Rob Vitesse, a member of the Silver Eagles who is said to be one of the most mobile members of his squad. The two teams then square off.[3]



Magic and Spells used

Magic Spells

Petit Clover

Wrong! 「ちがう! Chigau!」: Rill is frustrated that his paintings are not turning out well and wishes to paint something more beautiful than his model, a naked Augustus. Kirsch and Yuno then appear posing naked.


Matsuno sextuplets


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