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Fierce Battle 「激戦 Gekisen」 is the 75th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


While taking various poses, Kirsch Vermillion complains that the world is filled with unsightly things, but he was born so beautiful. Magna Swing is quite annoyed at Kirsch and tells him to shut up, however, Kirsch states he understands why such an ugly creature like him is jealous at such beauty. Sol Marron also gets annoyed and tells Kirsch the only beautiful one is Charlotte Roselei and that he is gross. Kirsch grabs her hand and bows, creeping her out, and tells Sol that she must not use harsh words and she must learn from him to be better. Kirsch turns towards Mimosa Vermillion and wonders if she came to observe her beautiful brother, but she tells him that he is creepy narcissist and wishes he to lose the round. Asta introduces himself, however, Kirsch suddenly stops being sparkly and tells him to not talk like they are friends as he cannot stand the sight of him, neither his mannerism, behavior, unsightly existence, dirty clothes or ugly muscles. Kirsch states the bodies should be beautiful as they are and only the weak one train. Asta states he indeed was weak and that is why he trained and now his muscle are his weapons. Mimosa tells Kirsch to win the round, which excites him, but she reveals its so that she and Asta could slaughter him in the next round. Yuno wonders who is Kirsch and Noelle Silva states he is Mimosa's brother and creepy vice-captain of Coral Peacock. Klaus Lunettes states that despite his looks, he does the most work as Coral Peacock captain, Dorothy Unsworth is always asleep.

Team C versus Team D is about to start. Asta, Mimosa and "Xerx" are leaving the stage. Asta wonders what is "Xerx" goal that he mentioned before and that despite all that, he intends to win next round with team work. As the battle start, Magna decides to not waste time and heads to break the enemy team crystal, but is stopped by enemies Chase Jackal spell. Kirsch states Magna has unsightly and crude way of fighting. He tells Magna that he is blessed to be able to use close and long-range magic, but his mana is crying and he needs read the flow of enemy's mana and let his mana guide him and use close and long-range attacks at appropriate times. Magna decides to listen and easily defeats the Chase Jackals and the enemy.

Meanwhile, Sol uses Earth Magic Rampaging Mother Earth and intends to smash the crystal fast, but falls under enemy's Mud Magic Flash Bog, making her golem unable to move. Kirsch appears and wonders why is he surrounded by sloppy and simple-minded people. He suggests that Sol creates multiple smaller ones and can even hide them underground for ambush attacks. As she does, Sol easily defeats the enemy. Kirsch state that he will be guarding the crystal, but the enemy is attacking it, thinking its unguarded. Kirsch uses Magic Cherry Blossom Blizzard and blocks the area with storm of petals and illusions of himself. The petals form a clear path towards the enemy crystal and Sol and Magna attack and smash it. As they win, Sol and Magna gets pulled into Kirsch mannerism and end up posing with him, but quickly regret it. Klaus is impressed by Kirsch magic and believes he could be the next captain of Coral Peacock. Kirsch then tells Asta that he is next.

Team E versus Team F starts. Hamon Caseus gets inspired by Kirsch and wants to fight beautifully, but Leopold Vermillion just wants to beat everyone with his fire magic. Finral Roulacase asks if they can leave the attack strategy to him as Spatial Magic gives them incredible mobility. Using Spatial Magic, Finral moves Leopold around, helping him dodge an attack and lead it to friendly fire and then beat the enemy from behind. Finral then sets up Hamon and Leopold to easily destroy the enemy's crystal. Hamon brings out some food to celebrate their victory and Leopold decides to make it into a challenge on who can eat more. Seeing Finral and other Black Bull members, the Magic Knights start to realize that the Black Bull is indeed different from last year.

Team G versus Team H starts. Sekke Bronzazza starts to panic as he does not believe he is on the other's level, but as his participation was suggested by Jack the Ripper, he stated he could do it. Fragil Tormenta wonders if Sekke is strong like the Black Bull juniors and he confidently confirms it. He creates Sekke Shooting Star and wonders if he should go and rampage on it. Langris Vaude states its a good idea and makes Sekke give him a ride towards the enemy's crystal. Heading straight towards the enemy crystal, they fall into multiple enemy traps, however, Lagris easily shaves the space and destroys their crystal. Langris tells Finral that he will never be something more than means to transportation and in their upcoming match to be careful to not get into his Spatial Magic, as he cannot guarantee his safety and it will make some people sad. Finral agrees and states to ensure that would not happen, he intends to win.



Magic and Spells used[]

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Petit Clover[]

I Can See It! 「見えてる Mieteru」: Asta asks Finral how he is able to see the battlefield so well, and Finral explains his daily training with Yami.



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