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Flower of Resolution 「誓いの花 Chikai no Hana」 is the 74th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta gets excited for the fight, but "Xerx" tells him to take it seriously as they need to scout the area and think of a strategy. Asta is annoyed that "Xerx" is correct and Mimosa Vermillion agrees too. She reveals she specializes in Healing Magic and Support Plant Magic, while Asta is a close range fighter with Anti Magic. She asks "Xerx" what magic he uses, but before he answers, they receive a hit on their magic crystal. As they get hit few more times, they realize its from a distance and decide to move and secure the crystal. Elsewhere, Rick Cornell observes them with Crystal Scope and informs his teammates to re-adjust their aim. Forte Gris had created a Fire Magic Burst Javelin and Curtis Warren is supporting it with Rock Magic Strong Bow. As they continue the attacks, Asta wonders what they should do, but notices "Xerx" is sleeping and gets annoyed. "Xerx" wakes up and states he does not care if he win or loses, and is tired from being up all night, so he needs to sleep to recover. Rick confirms with his Crystal Scope that "Xerx" is indeed tired and sleeping, but that annoys his teammates who prepare for a combo attack.

Mimosa uses Plant Magic Magic Flower Guidepost and locates the enemies and realizes their incoming attack. She warns Asta, who manages to nullify it. Since "Xerx" is being useless, Mimosa proposes that she and Asta try to get close to the enemy and destroy their crystal while Asta protects their crystal and she holds the enemy. Getting closer and seeing the enemy, Mimosa uses Magic Cannon Flower, however Curtis blocks her attack with Rock Fortress. Everyone is impressed at how much Mimosa had grown and continue to support Asta and his team.

Knowing that Asta uses Anti Magic and they will be at disadvantage at close combat, Curtis and Forte decide to split while both act like they take the crystal with them. Mimosa tells Asta to go after the left one, Curtis, but moments later realizes that the other two had surrounded them and all three of the enemies are preparing for a range attacks and Asta alone would not be able to block them from the three directions. Suddenly Asta steps on a magic trap and gets paralysed, and Mimosa guesses one of them can use Trap Magic. As Asta falls to the ground, the enemy team launches their attacks. Mimosa prepares for the worst, however, little before impact, three Trap Magic spells activate and absorb and reflect back the enemy team attacks. Curtis, Rick and Forte gets defeated by their own magic attacks. "Xerx" laugh and states everything went fine and heads towards Curtis, who is still conscious and congratulates him for still managing to protect the crystal. "Xerx" tells Curtis that Magic Knights should be prepared for unknown magic as you cannot only with by launching big attacks and anyone who loses to him does not deserve to be a Magic Knight. Mimosa sees "Xerx" is using Ash Magic and realizes the Trap Magic is his. "Xerx" decides to not break the crystal as he has other goal, but then reveals he is joking and smashes it, earning the victory of his team. Augustus Kira Clover XIII comments that "Xerx" is a top candidate for the Royal Knights.

"Xerx" returns to Asta and Mimosa and congratulates them for the nice team play and acting as decoys. Asta is annoyed he acted like that to the enemy team as they were good and grabs him by the collar, but "Xerx" states they still lost and their teamwork was better. Asta wonders what kind of team play he talks, when he triggered his trap, but "Xerx" states he had to fall to act as decoy and to fool your enemies, you need to fool your friends first. Mimosa guesses that "Xerx" seals magic effects in objects or the terrain by drawing magic circles, then uses certain conditions to activate them. She states that a huge magic trap like that one, must have taken an enormous amount of mana and time and wonders when he set it up as he was sleeping the whole time. However, "Xerx" states its a secret and walks away. Sol Marron and Magna Swing come to the stage, telling Asta to move as its time for their time, but both end up arguing with each other again. Asta wonders about their third person and Kirsch Vermillion comes all sparkling and stating everyone lacks elegance, while he is beautiful. Mimosa reveals its her big brother, but wishes he to disappears.



Magic and Spells used[]

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Petit Clover[]

The Next Time We Meet 「次にお会いするときは Tsugini o Aisuru toki wa」: Mimosa trains so she can fight alongside Asta. After her training, she shows off her strength by serving a ping-pong ball and knocking Klaus into a wall.



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