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Royal Knights Selection Exam王撰騎士団ロイヤルナイツ選抜試験 Roiyaru Naitsu Senbatsu Shiken」 is the 73rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


The vice-captain of Purple Orca, Xerx Lugner, returns to the Royal Capital, but a man stands in his way and provokes him. Xerx decides to use Ice Magic to make the man regret his words, but ends up utterly defeated by him, who then takes his Magic Knights robe, stating its being wasted on him and wonders if there is anyone else around worth humiliating.

On the arena, the Magic Knights start to gather and Asta greets Mimosa Vermillion and Klaus Lunettes. He tells Yuno that the hot springs were great and although he lost the volcano race, he would not be losing to him again. Hearing about the hot spring, Mimosa starts to wonder about it and ask, but neither Asta or Yuno answer her. Finral Roulacase shows with a new haircut and Magna Swing and Luck Voltia do not recognize him, and want to fight him for wearing the Black Bulls uniform without permission. Finral reveals its him and that he wanted to pump himself and start from fresh so he asked Vanessa Enoteca to give him a new haircut. Along with Asta, they start to mock him, he went a bit overboard. Noelle Silva sees her bother Solid Silva, who asks her if she is there to embarrass them again and its better if she leaves, however, Noelle refuses and wishes to show her brothers and sister that she had grown.

Julius Novachrono welcomes all the knights that showed up for the Royal Knights Selection Exam. Augustus Kira Clover XIII steps out and announces it will be a team battle: a magic crystal destruction battle tournament. There will be two crystals on the battlefield on each team side and those who destroy the enemy team's crystal first, will be the winners. The time limit is 30 minutes and if the crystal is not destroyed by that time, those who done more damage to the enemy's crystal will be the winners. Augustus tries to explain why they chose this format, but as he does not know, Julius takes over and explains that fighting against the Eye of the Midnight Sun will require several squads to work together. They believe this is the best way to measure everyone's cooperation and strategies and its better than simply fighting each other with brute force. They announce the teams and Asta sees he is with Mimosa and Xerx Lugner. The man who took Xerx's robe appears, apologizing for being late and places his had over Julius's shoulder[1] and hopes to be forgiven as he had to save an old lady. Marx Francois shoots at "Xerx", who dodges and joins the other Magic Knights. Marx is about to reveal "Xerx" is not the real one, but Julius stops him and jokes that Xerx had changed a lot. The Magic Knights get angry for disrespecting Julius, however "Xerx" explain that unlike them, he does not respect Julius and they should not push their values on him. "Xerx" approaches Asta, shaking his hand and stating they should get along as they are in the same team, however, Asta sees "Xerx" places a rainbow stinkbug in his hand and it stinks badly. "Xerx" laughs and states he has no intention to get along with an airhead like Asta and is only there to make fun of people. The knights wonder if "Xerx" was always like this, but as he is stationed on the borderlands, only few people actually know him.

Team C consists of Sol Marron, Magna, and Kirsch Vermillion, and Sol and Manga quickly end up arguing about their sizes. Team P consists of Yuno, Noelle, and En Ringard. Team K consists of Puli Angel, Luck and Klaus. Team E consists of Finral Roulacase, Leopold Vermillion and Hamon Caseus. Team O consists of Dmitri Brint, Solid, and Alecdora Sandler. Cob Portaport uses Spatial Magic and transports all the teams to the main stage. There Julius reveals who will fight who, but explains that wins and losses would not directly affect if you pass or fail, but with more wins, they will be able to show more of their abilities. Noelle sees her team is facing Solid's team. Finral realizes that if his team wins, in the second fight they will face his brother, Langris Vaude. Asta gets excited that if they reach the final, they can face Yuno's team. The first round is starting and its Asta's team.[2] Other Black Bull members come to cheer for Asta and the rest.


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

What's This About Hot Springs!? 「温泉ってなんですの!? Onsen tte nandesu no!?」: Mimosa imagines what happened between Asta and Yuno in the hot spring.


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