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Saint Elmo's Fire 「セントエルモの火 Sentoerumo no Hi」 is the 72nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta figures he needs to active his newly obtained power to progress and attempts to clear his mind or even consider putting his life in danger to active it, but fails to do so. Thinking more about it, he recalls Mereoleona Vermillion's words that he does not know himself and how Yami Sukehiro thought him to use ki, and decides to use ki detection on himself. He sees his ki flow and something black flowing into him from the sword. He decides to strengthen that power by creating a ring of flow and grabs the blade of the sword with his other hand. As more Anti Magic flows into him, he manages to activate his black form, but then suddenly flies up. Leopold Vermillion and Noelle Silva face a magical lava beast, but see Asta fly through the beast. Asta continues to fly towards the mountain summit, passing Yuno on the way and then heading towards Mereoleona due to her enormous mana. He tells her to run; however, Mereoleona refuses and, using her Fire Magic, knocks Asta down.[1]

After the last of the Crimson Lions reach the summit, Mereoleona scolds them for being late as they had to reach it during the day and not during the night when the volcano becomes dormant. However, she allows them to use the hot springs and tells everyone to take off their clothes. Everyone starts to wonder if it is okay to do so as there are women with them. Charlotte Roselei starts to panic and gets excited that she will be with naked Yami in the hot spring; however, Sol Marron not wanting a man to see Charlotte's body uses Earth Magic and creates Mud Wall Partition to split the hot spring in two. She warns the men that if they climb the wall, they will die.

While soaking in the hot spring, Mereoleona offers Charlotte a drink, but knowing she cannot handle alcohol and not wanting Yami to see her passed out, she refuses. Sylph, however, wishes to drink. Sol helps Noelle wash her hair and asks her to join their Magic Knights squad, but Noelle refuses as she is already in the Black Bulls. Sol comments that the Black Bulls are full of men, while in the Blue Roses, the males are only errand boys. Thinking about naked Yami, Charlotte passes out. Sylph also passes out as she cannot handle alcohol too. Mereoleona tells Noelle that her mother, Acier Silva, showed Mereoleona this hot spring and was a strong warrior, whom Mereoleona could never beat. Although Noelle looks so much like Acier, her sloppy magic abilities make it hard to believe she is Acier's daughter. Because of that, she must surpass Acier with her own strength. Noelle gets fired up, but also realizes the water has gotten hotter.

On the men's side, Leopold is heating the water, trying to make Yuno unable to handle the heat; however, Yuno states he is alright and even starts using Wind Magic to cool himself. Leopold finds that as cheating, but Yuno states that magic is his strength and that Leopold is also using magic to heat the water. Yami tells them there is a better way to spend time in the hot spring: peeping at the women's bath. He tells them that if they are true men, they will do it even if it costs them their lives. Yuno states he is not interested, which only annoys Yami, but Asta explains that Yuno is really not interested and has only bathed with men before. Leopold thinks of his brother, Fuegoleon Vermillion, and states he would not do that and even will try to stop them. Yami wonders if Leopold wants to be like Fuegoleon or surpass him. Yami inspires the men, who then start running towards the wall. The women hear their voices and realize they will try to peep. Sol wanting to protect Charlotte, creates even a bigger wall, but the men are not stopping and try to climb it. Yami tells Asta to go and peep, but Asta recalls Sister Lily and yells that his heart belongs to her and that he refuses to look, which shocks everyone.[2]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Exhaustion Recovery 「疲労回復 Hirō Kaifuku」: Sister Lily stars in an infomercial for tatoes pickled in black vinegar.


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