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Two New Stars 「二つの新星 Futatsu no Shinsei」 is the 70th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Julius Novachrono steps out and announces that he will be announcing the squad achievements himself and after the achievements the King will appear as well. Julius reveals he considered not holding the festival as the Clover Kingdom was recently attacked by Diamond Kingdom, Spade Kingdom and the terrorist group Eye of the Midnight Sun. However, the Magic Knights protected the kingdom, he wanted to commend their courage. Julius then introduces each captain, as well as the new captains of the Crimson Lion and Purple Orca squads, Mereoleona Vermillion and Kaiser Granvorka. The audience notices that some captains are missing and Julius thinking to himself felt that Yami Sukehiro may be late, but did not expect it from Charlotte Roselei.

Julius then announces the ranking with Golden Dawn taking first place with 125 stars, beating their record of 96 stars from last year. He introduces the Golden Dawn member who contributed the most stars, Yuno attended by Sylph, the Wind Spirit. People are expecting Crimson Lion to be second, but as Fuegoleon Vermillion got injured, they now expect Silver Eagle. The Black Bull members are messing around, expecting to be last again. Julius announces that the Black Bulls are second with 101 stars, shocking not only the audience, but the Black Bull members themselves. The people start wondering if they cheated and threatened someone, but Kiato, Kahono, and Rebecca Scarlet stand up for the Black Bulls, explaining that they risked their lives for them. Julius understands why people cannot believe it as last year the Black Bulls had -50 stars, but this year is different. He wants to introduce the Black Bulls newcomer who contributed the most stars, Yami then grabs Asta and throws him on stage.[1]

People wonder from what noble families Asta and Yuno are, but Sekke Bronzazza reveals they are peasants and Asta cannot even use magic. Hearing that, people cannot believe they used their abilities to rise up. Yuno tells Bell to use full power and shoots Wind Magic at Asta, who cuts it down with his sword. The people are surprised by Yuno's powerful magic and that Asta managed to stop it. Julius states there is no doubt about their achievements and how even though they are peasants, they have worked harder than anyone else, and everyone should overcome their differences in status and position, to unite and guide their kingdom to victory, which causes the crowd to agree and cheer. Julius continues and announces that the Silver Eagle are third with 95 stars, fourth are Blue Rose with 83 stars, fifth Crimson Lion with 76 stars, sixth Green Mantis with 69 stars, seventh Coral Peacock with 67 stars, eighth Purple Orca with 51 stars and ninth Aqua Deer with 49 stars. Rill is shocked to learn his squad is last and starts crying on Asta, wondering how the Black Bull got so many stars.

Julius then calls forward King Augustus Kira Clover XIII,[2] who while coming out expected loud cheers and people to revere him. As there are barely any cheers, he freaks and starts saying how great he is and they should cheer him as he is more important than the Wizard King. The crowd wishes the Wizard King to be king and a child actually says it out loud, causing everyone to turn towards it and shush it. Augustus is annoyed that Golden Dawn won again, beating squads who are led by royalty captains. He announces that the hideout of the Eye of the Midnight Sun has been found and he will be forming the Royal Knights, a group of elite Magic Knights to attack the hideout. A week from now, an exam will be held and all Magic Knights can participate and those who pass will join the Royal Knights. The Royal Knights is Julius's idea, but Augustus decides to take credit and gain some fame. Asta wonders why the King would be choosing them as Asta had never heard of him doing anything with his great mana. Angered, Augustus orders Asta and Yuno to be executed; however, Julius calms him down, asking him to spare them and that one day they may become a shield for him and this country. Julius reveals he is looking forward to the exam as well and that excites all of the Magic Knights.

Asta apologizes to Julius for his words. Julius tells them that being a Royal Knights, they will have a chance to achieve great things, but they will face plenty of tough veterans on the exam. Asta and Yuno accept the challenge with Yuno stating that if they fail, they simply were not ready yet. Asta and Yuno then see Mereolona smacking Leopold Vermillion and yelling at Crimson Lion for taking fifth place and asking them if they want she to kill them now instead of waiting for a mission to do that.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Rill the Artist 「芸術家リル Geijutsuka Riru」: Rill struggles to draw a portrait of King Augustus.


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