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The Other New Member 「もう一人の新入団者 Mōhitori no Shin Nyūdan-sha」 is the 7th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta is taken to his new room. He is so excited because he has never had his own room before.[1] Magna Swing tells him to write a letter and send it to the church so that they know that he made it onto a squad. Asta sits down and writes a letter. Yuno is given his own room and told by Klaus Lunettes that he will learn about his Magic Knight duties the next day. The church receives Asta's and Yuno's letters. The church is surprised that both of them passed.

Magna shows Asta around the Black Bull's base. Magna introduces Asta to the other new recruit, Noelle Silva. Noelle makes fun of him because he is a commoner and she is a member of the royal family House Silva. Asta does not like to be called "insect" so he stands up to her. He tells her that they are all equal at Black Bulls. Noelle uses her Water Magic to prove him wrong but her spell veers off course and hits Magna instead. Clearly upset, Magna berates her, so she pulls off her robe and throws it onto the ground before walking away.[2]

Asta later spies her practicing using her magic by trying to hit a bullseye on a tree. He learns that she has trouble controlling her magic. Realizing that Asta has been watching her practice, Noelle is afraid that he is going to mock her too. She goes to fire a waterball at him but loses control of her magic. She unintentionally traps herself in a giant waterball that is destroying the surrounding area and threatening to drown her. Yami Sukehiro comes up with the idea to throw Asta at the bubble in order to have his sword cut through the spell. Noelle is set free, and Finral Roulacase saves the two from falling to their deaths. Instead of mocking Noelle as she fears, Asta compliments her on how strong her magical powers are. Noelle calls Asta by his name instead of insect. The squad welcomes her back and tell her that she should not feel like a failure because they all are failures. Noelle is given her robe back and Asta offers her a hand to help her get off the ground, which Noelle accepts.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Honor Me 「うやまいなさい Uyamai Nasai」: Noelle tries to explain to Asta that she is a royal, but he keeps misunderstanding her and imagines her as a bandit and a pirate. She gets embarrassed when he asks if she means that they are family.


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