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The Briar Maiden's Melancholy 「荊乙女の憂鬱 Ibara Otome no Yūutsu」 is the 69th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Baron Balmain notices the beautiful woman and decides she would be his companion for tonight; however, as she ignores him, he grabs her arm. Asta tries to go and stop him, but in an instant, the woman uses her magic and immobilizes Balmain. Seeing the Briar Magic, Asta realizes the woman is Charlotte Roselei, captain of the Blue Rose.[1] Charlotte asks the man if he has any idea who she is and that she belongs to the Roselei House and he cannot use her as accessory just because she is a woman. Sol Marron comes with a dress and wants Charlotte to try it, but seeing Charlotte, she gets excited. Charlotte tells Balmain to try and use his magic to escape her briar. Asta wants to stop Charlotte from killing Balmain, but trips and lands on Sol's chest. Sol recognizes him and the two end up arguing about their sizes. As she tosses Asta aside, Sol takes Charlotte to try the dress she found, and while helping her dress, she gets excited about Charlotte's lovely and pale skin.

Everyone is amazed at how Charlotte looks, but that only angers her and Sol, stating its not a show for them to watch. Charlotte does not want the other captains to see her like this, especially Yami Sukehiro, but hearing some commotion and Asta, Yami comes to see him. Charlotte panics, but keeps her composure outside and hopes that Yami does not recognize her, but he does and wonders why she is dressed like that. Charlotte asks him the same and Sol starts arguing with Yami to keep him away from Charlotte. Vanessa Enoteca suddenly appears and wants Yami to come and drink with her. She notices Charlotte and wonders who she is, but decides she cannot lose to her, while Charlotte gets jealous as Vanessa looks close to Yami.[2] Vanessa challenges Charlotte who refuses since the ceremony is about to start; however, Sol accepts in her behalf.

Vanessa wonders what they challenge would be as she got quite strong recently. Finral Roulacase attempts to stop them since it is the festival and wants everyone to enjoy it, but they tell him to shut up. Finral then proposes a cosplay content. Charlotte finds it ridiculous, but after being mocked by Vanessa that she may lose, Sol agrees on Charlotte's behalf and states she looks great in any dress. Meanwhile, Klaus Lunettes, Yuno and Mimosa Vermillion pass by and see the commotion, but decide to continue towards the ceremony to not be late. Klaus is sure they will win, but comments that Black Bulls did good recently. The cosplay contest starts and Charlotte dresses as a witch and both wants Yami to look and not look at her. Vanessa then dresses as a sister, thinking to herself that Charlotte does not know anything about guys as they like things like this. Finral asks the audience to vote and the results ends up in a draw. Finral then suggests the second round to be in swimsuits; however, Charlotte uses her Briar Magic on him, stating that anyone who agrees with him will suffer the same fate and the audience quickly leaves.

Vanessa overhears a man promoting his Clover Beer and asks Yami if he likes girls who can drink and he confirms. Vanessa then challenges Charlotte to a drinking contest. Charlotte wants to refuse as the ceremony is coming, but Sol had already prepared the tables and drinks. Vanessa explains the rules and that the winner will be the one that drinks more in an hour. Charlotte thinks the match would be hard, since Vanessa is a heavy drinker, but suddenly sees Vanessa passed out as she had drunk too much before that. Charlotte then drinks, but she is a light drinker and instantly gets drunk and is unable to continue. Charlotte recalls how she was cursed and decided to become strong. She refused marriage proposal as if the men could not handle her magic, they would not be able to handle her curse. When she turned 18, her curse activated and her magic went wild. Yami then came cutting her magic and told her that he likes tough women, but it would not hurt to ask for help sometimes and the Magic Knights are full on strong people she can rely on. Her heart was stolen by Yami, which ended up breaking the curse. Yami grabs Charlotte's cup and drinks and reminds her that she should not push herself too hard. Charlotte sees this as indirect kiss and passes out. Finral announces its a draw, with Yami wondering what was the point of the battle besides waste of time.

Asta sees the people start heading towards the hall as the ceremony is about to start and people being excited to see the new captains for the Crimson Lion and Purple Orca. Asta looks at Yami and Charlotte and Yami wonders what to do as they are late.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Charlotte's Seven Transformations 「シャーロット七変化 Shārotto Shichihenge」: Charlotte shows off seven different outfits: a nun, a bride, a samurai, a schoolteacher, a policewoman, and a kunoichi. Yuno notes that there are only six transformations.


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