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A Fun Festival Double Date 「楽しいお祭りWダブルデート Tanoshī o Matsuri Daburu Dēto」 is the 67th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Yami Sukehiro informs the Black Bulls that the Star Awards Festival is coming. Finral Roulacase explains that the Magic Knights compete each year to see who can earn more stars and they announce the winner and top squad during the festival. Noelle Silva comments they are usually fighting for last place, but Yami corrects her stating they are dead last without any contest as the many troubles they cause make them the only squad with negative stars.

At the festival, the squad splits and do various activities they like. Noelle decides to stick with Asta, so he does not get lost. Kahono and Kiato join them, revealing that Asta asked Finral to bring them. Kiato sees Kahono looking at a musician and realizes she really wants to be able to sing again, while he would love to dance again. Asta asks him if he brought his leg with him and Kiato confirms. Asta opens a medicine which he took from the Witch Queen and her blood heals Kiato's leg and Kahono's throat. They cannot believe this is true and thank Asta and Noelle. Kahono immediately sings a song that mesmerizes the people around her and they applaud her after the song.

Magna Swing comes with a cannon and wants Asta to help him shoot the fireworks, but seeing Asta is with a boy and two girls, he guesses it is a double date. Embarrassed, Noelle blasts him with her Water Magic. Seeing Noelle still having troubles with being honest, Kahono decides to make it a double date,[1] causing Noelle to wonder if Kahono likes Asta, while Kiato thinks she is doing to help him with Noelle. Kahono intends to make Noelle jealous and fight and win Asta. They go and do variety of events, where Asta and Kahono enjoy their time, while Noelle only gets frustrated and jealous.[2]

Seeing Noelle does not do anything, Kahono decides to take them to a scare house, hoping that feeling scared Asta and Noelle will get closer. Sekke Bronzazza asks Aphro and Phati who work at the scare house to scare people, so that he can come out and save the girl, which will eventually lead in he finding himself a woman. The two try to scare Asta and Noelle; however, Noelle panics and starts blasting them with her magic, while Asta confuses them for the zombies during the Eye of the Midnight Sun attack, attacks them, and mistakes Sekke for their boss.

After getting kicked out of the scare house, Kahono realizes Asta is too dense too and asks him what Noelle means to him. Before he answers, they see a crying child and Asta hears people complaining about it as it must be a peasant's child. Noelle approaches the child and wonders what is wrong, but the child continues to cry. Asta takes some balls and starts doing tricks. Seeing the child calming, Kahono starts singing about the Superman Asta, who does not have magic but can slash through any spell and Kiato joins her and starts dancing. The child calms down and reveal her name is Emma. Noelle asks Kahono to broadcast Emma's name to her parents using her Song Magic. Soon her mother shows up and thanks them. She sees that Noelle is a royal and apologizes. Noelle confirms she is royal and has strong magic, but because of that they must help others and not be arrogant and look down on others. She tells Emma to enjoy the festival as no matter of your status, everyone should enjoy it. Recalling Kahono's question, Asta states that he likes Noelle, which makes Noelle blush. Kahono expects Noelle to share her feelings, but instead Noelle blasts Asta away with her magic.[3]

As Asta lands, he sees Yami and Jack the Ripper staring fiercely at each other and wonders what is going on.


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Hitman 「ヒットマン Hittoman」: Gauche attempts to win a doll for Marie at a magic shooting gallery but fails due to Asta having broken the gun earlier in the day.


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