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I'm Home 「ただいま Tadaima」 is the 65th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Vanessa Enoteca tells the Witch Queen that there is no bond between them, and the queen recalls back to when Vanessa was a child and she wanted to make everyone smile with her Thread Magic. The Queen realizes she was too obsessed with perfection and had forgotten something important. Since Vanessa is imperfect, she can obtain power from her feelings. Because she was free and imperfect, she became perfect, and could obtain magic she could not while under the Queen's care. The Witch Queen then stands up and admits defeat, telling Vanessa that she is free to do as she pleases. Using Blood Recovery Magic, she heals everyone. Everyone is happy they won and Noelle Silva thanks Vanessa, stating they won because of her; however, Vanessa states it is thanks to everyone as they were there for her. While the Queen walks away, Nero lands on her shoulder and pecks her earring, making her wonder about the bird.

Later, Fanzell Kruger asks the Witch Queen if she knows about the magic stone that the Eye of the Midnight Sun were after. The Witch Queen reveals it must be the stone on her earring and takes it off and hands it to them. Asta asks the Queen what is the stone and if she knows something about Eye of the Midnight Sun. The Witch Queen explains the stone heightens the wearer's powers, but only the Elf Tribe are truly able to use it. The elves possessed great power and lived in the Forsaken Realm several centuries ago. Even though they had great power, they were outnumbered and annihilated by the humans. The Queen explains that Fana's third eye is a forbidden spell that someone else put on her as it requires tremendous amount of mana and some sort of sacrifice. She also tells them that the ancient demon was a top-level forbidden spell activated by the leader of the elf clan. She theorizes that the Eye of the Midnight Sun may be descendants of the elves. Furthermore, she tells Asta that the two swords he uses are the ruined remains of the magic swords used by the elves' leader, and Asta loses consciousnesses as he cannot take in any more information.

Outside, Mars and Ladros are heading back to the Diamond Kingdom. Mars reveals the Witch Queen gave him medicine with Puppet Bloodflow and he will pass it to the king as a longevity drug, and put an end to Moris's plans. Mars then intends to remake the Diamond Kingdom into a peaceful nation. Ladros decides to help Mars as that is also the quickest way to get into the top ranks of the Diamond Kingdom. Fanzell says they will look after Fana. Mars tells Fana to wait a little longer until he makes the country safe for her to return. Fana hugs him and states she will wait. Mars tells Asta that if he is ever in trouble, he will come to his aid and Asta tells him he will do that same.

The Witch Queen tells Vanessa that she is free, but that this is still her homeland and she can come visit anytime she wants. The group then returns to the Black Bulls base, where Asta tells Yami Sukehiro that his arms are healed, but there is not much of a reaction from Yami. Asta reveals they also got a magic stone, which excites Yami and tells Asta to go get some booze.[1] Returning with the booze, Asta wonders about his next mission, but Yami tells him to rest for a bit. Disappointed, Asta hears Magna Swing's voice and realizes Magna and Luck Voltia are back. They went to a dungeon in order to find a way to heal Asta's arms. Asta and Noelle are shocked to see how different Magna and Luck look. Magna starts explaining they went to a dungeon, but in the end they were unable to find a heal magic for Asta's arms. Asta reveals his arms are already healed, and Magna and Luck immediately turn to normal and are happy for him. Gauche Adlai and Gordon Agrippa are also back from their mission to the royal library to look for a way to fix Asta's arms. Both Gauche and Gordon now look like nerds and promise Asta that one day they will find a way to fix his arms. When Asta reveals his arms a fixed, Gauche and Gordon return to normal and are annoyed as they told him they will fix it one day and want his arms to get cursed again. Gauche's nose bleeds, but he states it is from anger. However, Gordon knows that his nose only bleeds when he wishes really hard for someone important to him to be happy. Charmy Pappitson and Grey return covered in mushrooms. Charmy explains she got infested with magic mushroom parasites, but she cannot stop eating the mushrooms. Charmy reveals she got plenty of tasty things, but could not find a way to fix his arms.[2] Since they have enough food and booze, Yami decides to hold a party. During it, Yami recalls no one was around in the morning and no one fed the beasts, did the laundry, or cleaned, and Asta happily heads to do the chores.


Magic and Spells used[]

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Petit Clover[]

I Wonder Why 「なんでだろう Nandedarou」: Asta wonders why Salamander's fire does not burn Fana and why Noelle's water does not soak her clothing. Noelle explains those away as magic. Asta then wonders why konbu seaweed does not flavor the ocean. Since it is food related, Charmy pops up and gives an explanation too detailed for Asta to follow.


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