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The Red Thread of Fate 「運命の赤い糸 Unmei no Akai Ito」 is the 64th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


The Witch Queen decides to make Asta kill Noelle Silva first. The group tries to speak with Asta, but their words do not reach him. As he is about to slash Noelle, Asta manages to stop himself. The Witch Queen is surprised that even though he is unconscious, he still struggles. However, she easily manages to regain her control over him. Vanessa Enoteca begs the Witch Queen to stop him and promises she will never leave the forest or disobey her. The Witch Queen refuses, stating that she will kill them now and that will stop Vanessa from doing anything foolish in the future. She explains that her divinations told her that Vanessa would summon what she wants and return to the forest alive. Because of that, she did not search hard for her, but did not expect that she wanted a human with Anti Magic Weapons. The Witch Queen states Vanessa formed trivial bonds with imperfect fools that will only bring their death and that she cannot sever their bond as Vanessa is her daughter and family.

Vanessa recalls her past and how she was kept in a cage. She asked the Witch Queen for how long she must stay in the cage and stated that her Thread Magic do not have the incredible power the Queen had claimed. The Witch Queen told her that one day she would be able to control destiny and she would stay in there until she invoked that magic. As time passed, Vanessa considered escaping but did not believe she could disobey the Queen. One day, she heard a commotion outside, and suddenly, Yami Sukehiro into broke her cage. He had been training in the forest and was being chased for being a guy. When he asked what she was doing there, Vanessa stated she was locked away by the Queen and cannot leave as she was fated to be there. Yami stated that he hates fate and will do what he wants even if he has to crush fate. However, he decided to leave since he could not defeat the Queen. Vanessa wondered what she must do, so Yami told her that she must choose for herself. She chose to escape and joined Yami in the Black Bulls.

Vanessa tells the Queen that her family is the Black Bulls. Wishing to save her family, she cries wanting to use the power to change destiny and save them. Suddenly her grimoire creates a new magic, Red Thread of Fate, which takes the form of a cat made from red threads.[1] Realizing she invoked the Red Thread of Fate, the Witch Queen decides to test it. She makes Asta kill Noelle, but the cat touches Asta. He still swings and slashes her. Thinking it is still incomplete, the Witch Queen catches herself saying the same thing and this time Asta slashes and cuts Noelle's cross down. Asta is about to stab Noelle, but the cat touches him again and he misses. Surprised, the Witch Queen decides to attack Finral Roulacase, but the cat again touches Asta and he does not kill Finral. She then decides to attack the cat, but Asta's slash goes through the cat, who then touches Asta and he hits himself with the Demon-Slayer Sword, which ends up undoing her control on him. The Witch Queen realizes how the cat works by touch and that it is harmless and unavoidable. Happy that Vanessa has awakened her true power, the Witch Queen attempts to take control of Vanessa and threatens to kill Vanessa's companions herself. However, the cat jumps and touches her and undoes her Blood Magic. Vanessa tells the Queen that she does not know much about her new magic, but she knows the magic takes her side and that of her family bond and there is no bond between Vanessa and the Witch Queen.[2]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Vanessa Saw...! 「バネッサは見た...! Banessa wa mita...!」: Vanessa overhears the Witch Queen playing with puppets and having them compliment her.


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