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It's Nothing 「何でも無い Nandemonai」 is the 63rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta wakes up in a weird space and wonders if he is dead. The Anti Magic Devil then appears and tells him he will be taking his body. Asta manages to dodge his attack and the devil tells him that if he takes his body, he will be able to win against Ladros. Asta refuses as he wants to take him down by his own strength. The devil tells him to give up as there are places he cannot reach; however, Asta still refuses and the devil engulfs his entire body.

Asta faces Ladros with his right hand covered in black Anti Magic and growing a black wing. Asta and Ladros engage in a fight with Asta now being able to keep up with Ladros speed and blocking his attacks. He throws his sword, Ladros dodges it commenting he will not fall for the same trick, but in an instant Asta closes the distance and slashes him with his other sword. Ladros grabs Asta's head, thinking he cannot dodge now, but using raw strength, Asta throws him to the ground. Witch Queen comments she thought he would loose consciousness, but it seems Asta was able to control it. She explains that the Anti Magic constantly flows through the Anti Magic Weapons, draining the wielder's magic, and no one should be able to wield it, but as Asta does not have magic, the Anti Magic flows through him. He has been constantly emitting and shutting that power while fighting, but using the power of her blood, which she transfused while treating him, she accelerated the flow of power and removed the limits on its output, and he will become the Anti Magic vessel.

Ladros starts running and continues to use ranged attacks on Asta, but he is neither able to escape or do something to Asta. The Witch Queen states that a sudden mutation kept mana from dwelling in Asta, but that does not make him special; however, due to that, he is able to wield the sword and be special. Ladros releases a dragon beam attack, but Asta goes through it as his Anti Magic homes in on mana. Asta eventually reaches Ladros and slashes him using Black Meteorite.

Ladros falls defeated with all of his magic gone, and his mage stones break. Ladros wishes Asta to kill him, but Asta refuses stating that he will be going to rescue all the people he hurt and will be waiting for him to heal up and come help and apologize to them. Ladros starts to laugh and states he cannot beat "that". With the mage stones broken, his head now feels lighter. Ladros then guesses that people like Asta are able to climb to the top and if he was with him, they may have helped each other get stronger. The Anti Magic then dissipates from Asta's body and he feels great pain all over his body.

The Witch Queen appears and Asta tells her that they defeated the Eye of the Midnight Sun and Diamond Kingdom mages, so he paid back for fixing his arm. Even though it was not perfect, she did not need to fight and congratulates Asta. He asks her if she can heal everyone; however, the Witch Queen states this will not be necessary and unleashes her Blood Magic and captures everyone. Using her blood, she then controls Asta and makes him draw the Demon-Slayer Sword. As she needs him alive, she uses Curse-Breaking Blood Cocoon to heal Asta. The Witch Queen cannot hold the sword herself, that is why she wants Asta to hold it for her. She then orders Asta to kill everyone else.



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  • To celebrate the anime's fifth anniversary, episodes chosen by the series' staff and cast were rebroadcast weekly. First series editor, Tatsuhiko Katayama chose Episode 63,[1] and it was re-aired on October 23, 2022.[2]


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