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Those Who Boost Each Other Up 「高め合う存在 Takame Au Sonzai」 is the 62nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Mars thanks Asta for helping him save Fana, which makes Fana happy since Mars had made a friend from outside their kingdom. Asta wonders what happened to her and Fana explains she barely remembers. After the final training, Moris was interested in her phoenix powers and experimented with her embedding a mage stone, but ended up disappointed as the experiment failed and she had hardly any magic left. He threw her away, but then Licht found and took her, needing her body to reincarnate an elf. Fana does not have any more memories after that and feels like someone else entered her body and controlled her.

The other thing that Fana recalls is a strong desire to get the magic stone. The group realizes there is a magic stone in the Witches' Forest and decide to find the Witch Queen; however, in that moment, they feel a magic presence and get attacked by Ladros. Fanzell Kruger is surprised that Ladros is standing as he did not have any magic left, but Ladros explains he emitted it all and then took it back, which took him a bit of time. Asta protects Mars and Fana and decides to take on Ladros,[1] who guesses Asta is the Anti Magic Knight and states he was also born without any magic attribute and they made fun of his as a child, but mocks Asta for being even more worthless. Ladros offers Asta to join him, while secretly intending to take his Anti Magic for himself, but Asta refuses. Ladros then flies up and uses Million Laser, stating that he knows how Asta fights and that without Finral's power, Asta cannot do anything to him. Ladros tells him that there are two types of people: the users and the used, and explains how he used people to climb up the ladder and will use Mars and Fana to climb even more.

Suddenly the Demon-Dweller Sword cuts through Ladros's magic and strikes him in the shoulder. Unable to remove the sword, Ladros falls to the ground while his magic is leaking. Angry, Asta states that he got to where he is now thanks to his friends and that they have boosted each other.[2] Ladros begs for forgiveness and asks Asta to remove the sword, but Asta refuses and intends to knock him out. Using the little magic left, Ladros pushes himself up and, enforcing himself with magic, manages to pull out the sword. He heads to Fana and takes her hostage. He forces her to unleash Salamander or he will kill Mars. The moment she does, he gambles and absorbs the spirit. Successful, he obtains power greater than before. Ladros gets excited about his new powers, stating that the other Eight Shining Generals do not stand a chance and he could even take the Kingdom. He attacks Asta with a fast ranged beam, which Asta is unable to dodge. The Witch Queen watches from a distance and uses her Blood Magic to make Asta show her who he really is. Anti Magic then comes out and engulfs Asta's right hand.[3]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

How Does It Taste? 「どんな味? Don'na Aji?」: Ladros describes the taste of various magic attributes: Noelle's Water Magic is "regal," Vanessa's Thread Magic is "mature," and Fanzell's Wind Magic is "nostalgic" and "old."


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