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The Black Bulls 「黒の暴牛 Kuro no Bōgyū」 is the 6th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Yuno is introduced to Klaus Lunettes at Golden Dawn's base. Klaus warns him that he will not be accepted into the group so easily.

Asta tries to introduce himself to the Black Bulls but they are too busy with their own problems.[1] Yami Sukehiro finally gets their attention by destroying a wall and they all come rushing out to meet him. Yami introduces them to Asta and one by one they introduce themselves. Asta wants a robe but is told he has to convince Magna Swing first. Magna puts him through an initiation ritual by making him do push ups and sit ups. For the final trial, he has to block an attack from Magna. If he does this then he will officially be part of the Black Bulls. He manages to deflect Magna's attack back to him. Magna is impressed and gives Asta his robe. From a balcony, Noelle Silva watches the events and scoffs at the other new recruit.[2]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Real Life! Magic Knights 24! 「実録! 魔法騎士団24時! Jitsuroku! Mahō Kishi-dan 24-ji!」: Yami has Magna use his magic for mundane purposes, like heating the bath and providing light in the toilet.


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