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Whoever's Strongest Wins 「強い方が勝つ Tsuyoi Hōga Katsu」 is the 52nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover and the first episode of the second year.


Finral Roulacase is flirting with some cute girls when Yami Sukehiro, Asta, and Charmy Pappitson arrive. Yami tells Finral to make a portal to Kiten. Meanwhile, in Kiten, Yuno is going about against Broccos, one of the Eight Shining Generals. Ragus offers to help but Broccos wants Yuno for himself. Ragus asks Yuno if he can protect himself and the townspeople. He shoots lightning arrows at Yuno; however, Yuno not only counters all of the arrows but also creates additional ones to pierce through Ragus's defensive barrier. Broccos asks Ragus if he wants his help now. Ragus tells Broccos that Yuno is his. The two of them start to bicker over who gets to fight Yuno. Adjutant General Lotus cannot believe Yuno got so strong as he watches from the sidelines.

The Golden Dawn continues to fight against the Diamond Kingdom. Yagos uses his Mucus Nail to trap and weaken the Purple Orcas. Langris Vaude tells Yagos that his spells are useless against his own. He fires his Spatial Magic at him and destroys Yagos's spell along with the building behind him. Lotus watches as roots spread out over the buildings. He believes that Captain William Vangeance is going to create a huge tree to protect the city. Lotus touches one of the roots and his power gets sucked in, so he tries to warn the other generals about this but they are too busy arguing over Yuno. Suddenly, William releases his magic and the Great Tree Mistilteinn grows over the city. As it does, its roots ensnare many of the enemies.[1]

Asta, Charmy, Yami, and Finral arrive in Kiten and are awed by the huge tree. Yami tells them that he is going to go talk to William while they help the townspeople.[2] Finral is worried because Asta is hurt and Charmy is drooling. William has taken out most, if not all, of the army, which upsets Ragus and Broccos. Meanwhile, Asta helps to direct people to safety with Charmy and Finral's help. Suddenly, they look up into the sky and notice that Yuno is battling Ragus. Yuno beats him with a single blow. He lands next to Asta and notices that he is hurt. Yuno says that Asta has gotten stronger and Asta says that so has he. Both promise not to lose to each other.[3]

Mimosa Vermillion and Klaus Lunettes show up and are clearly worried about Asta's condition. Klaus tries to play it off and Mimosa worries that she has been too forward. Klaus and Mimosa leave to go help the others but Klaus tells Yuno to stay close to Asta since he cannot fight.

Broccos finds William up in the tree. William tells him to retreat but Broccos refuses, instead grabbing William with his Red Ochre Magic. William throws a Mistilteinn Seed at Broccos, which sprouts another tree on Broccos, trapping him. Suddenly, Lotus appears from behind and is already attacking William when Yami steps between them and blocks the attack. Lotus recognizes Yami because he has fought him in the past but Yami fails to recognize him. Yami asks Lotus to surrender but instead Lotus retreats. Yami asks William if they can have a little chat now that they are alone.[4] Yami tells him that he is going with his gut instincts and asks William to take off his mask. He believes that underneath is Licht.[5]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Charmy's Seven Transformations 「チャーミー七変化 Chāmī Shichihenge」: Charmy, dressed as a detective, shows off seven different outfits for her adoring fans: Wandering Charmy, Happi Coat Charmy, Happy Birthday Charmy, Lightning God Charmy, Alien Charmy, and Merlion Charmy. Asta is impressed but Yuno notes that there are only six transformations.

The outfits are based on illustrations from the Extra Pages of Volume 9. Her detective outfit is from Volume 7.


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