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The Seabed Temple 「海底神殿 Kaitei Shinden」 is the 42nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Yami Sukehiro tells them that today is the day to enter the Seabed Temple since the full moon has finally arrived. Asta asks Noelle Silva if she is nervous and she says no. Vanessa Enoteca offers her a drink to calm down but Magna Swing tells her that is not a good idea. Noelle steps forward and casts her spell that surrounds them in a water bubble. She takes them into the ocean but as they get to the Grand Magic Zone's entrance, the waters turn turbulent. They push through the currents and finally arrive at the Temple. The temple is surrounded by a magic barrier so Yami sends Asta out to use his Anti Magic sword on it. Asta tells him that he just realized he cannot swim but Yami throws him out of the water bubble anyway.

Asta slashes through the barrier and lands on the other side. Heis surprised to learn that there is air down here. The others arrive and Charmy Pappitson makes them a cotton platform so that they can float down to the Temple. Magna tells them to keep their guards up because they are in the Grand Magic Zone. They notice that the area also includes houses and learn that people actually live down here. Yami asks them to take them to the leader of the temple and the people tell them that it is the high priest. Asta says that things are going smoothly as they head towards the priest. Noelle says he is probably not used to it since he is used to almost dying all the time.

They arrive at the entrance of the temple and walk inside. The people outside tell them to say hi to the priest and to talk to them when they come back, if they come back. The doors close behind them. They meet the priest who is a hyperactive old man. He asks if they are after the magic stone. Magna asks how he knows that they are and he says that he has eyes. Magna, Gauche Adlai, and Luck Voltia scheme on how they can take the magic stone. The priest says that if they play a game, he will throw a banquet in their honor should they win. Yami asks what type of game they are going to play and the priest says they will have a Temple Battle Royale.

The priest calls other priests to join him. Suddenly, everyone is transported to different locations within the temple. This forces each of them to face off against a warrior mage priest alone. The priest tells them that whichever team has the most members left in the end wins. The only one who is excited about this game is Luck. Asta gets paired with an octopus-masked mage. Since the mage does not sense any magic on Asta, he thinks that he selected a dud. Asta tells him to come and find out if he did get paired up with a loser.



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

There Are Ten of Us 「10人いる Jū-ri iru」: The High Priest calls together the nine priests but when he counts them, there are ten. Somehow an elephant has snuck into their ranks.



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