The Water Girl Grows Up 「水の娘成長物語 Mizu no Ko Seichō Monogatari」 is the 41st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Julius Novachrono tries to escape working but Marx Francois scolds him and forces him to sit down at his desk. Julius wishes he could've gone to the Underwater Temple and Marx hopes that they aren't just messing around. Asta and Noelle Silva come across a girl that is singing atop of a rock. Asta wonders if she's a water spirit when the girl catches them listening. She introduces herself as Kahono and proclaims that they are going to be friends. They ask her why she was singing out here and she says that she has a dream to be a singing, magic-wielding idol. Kahono suddenly asks Asta if it hurts when he moves and he asks her how does she know that. She says that is her power and uses her magic to heal him. She asks him to pay her for the healing and he hands over 100 yuls. Again she says lets be friends and both Asta and Noelle agree. Kahono asks why they're here and Asta tells her that they're looking for the Underwater Temple before Noelle can stop him. Kahono asks what they were doing out here and Noelle tells her that she was training on how to focus her magic before the next full moon. Kahono asks her to show her her magic and after that, she gives Noelle some advice. She tells her to relax and to calm her heart. She also asks her what's the kindest memory she has. Noelle remembers how her family shunned her for killing their mother during birth. She thanks Kahono for the advice but turns away from her. As the week goes by, Noelle continues to practice with Asta and Kahono's encouragement. The rest of the Black Bull team continues to mess around on the beach. The night before the full moon, Asta tells Noelle to let go of her magic. Noelle protests but Asta says he'll use his sword to save her if anything happens. Noelle lets loose her magic but doesn't think it's going to work. As she floats there, she looks down and sees the rest of the Black Bulls standing there. They are cheering her on. She realizes that she does have some kind memories after all and creates a new spell. Suddenly, she falls from the sky after having used so much magic and Asta catches her. She slaps him for touching her so casually. She turns to tell Kahono that they did it but can't find her. Yami says that she surpassed her limits and that it's time for them to go. Kahono tells Noelle that she'll see her again inside the temple.


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