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A Black Beach Story 「黒の海岸物語 Kuro no Kaigan Monogatari」 is the 40th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Yuno, Mimosa Vermillion, and Klaus Lunettes were heading home from a mission, when they heard a scream and thought it was a robbery. Upon landing to check it out, they find Noelle Silva and Vanessa Enoteca trying on swimsuits. Klaus accused them of fooling around, but Vanessa denied it and told them it was for a secret mission. Meanwhile, Charmy Pappitson fantasizes about Yuno and wonders what he will think of her swimsuit, but he is gone before she can ask. The Black Bulls all head out for Raque to enjoy a day at the beach, accidentally leaving Gordon Agrippa behind. While Noelle is nervously trying to show Asta her swimsuit, Magna Swing and Luck Voltia are racing around the beach, Finral Roulacase is failing at flirting with girls, Gauche Adlai is using his mirror projection to talk with his sister, and Charmy is trying to smash a watermelon blindfolded, with Vanessa trying to help her from a distance.

Asta then remembers that they had a mission to do, chastising everyone for goofing off. He is kicked from behind by Yami Sukehiro, who chastises him for doing the same thing as his teammates. Yami buries his squad in the sand for goofing off, and fills them in on the info he got on how to get to the Seabed Temple, surprising a few members, as he was actually doing his job. Yami then states that Noelle is the only person who can get them there. To her dismay, she tells him that even if she tried she would fail, as she does not believe she could control her magic well enough to get them there safely. Yami reminds her that this mission was given to the Black Bulls specifically and tells her no one else can do it, and then gives her one week to surpass her limits.

Later that night Noelle is seen practicing her magic and thinking about the tricks Vanessa taught her, none of which have worked. She doubts her ability to control her magic by the end of the week. Before she can practice anymore, Asta runs through her ball of water, with crabs latched onto him. She asks if he was training and he asks her the same question. When she claims she was not, Asta decides that they should train together and promises to help if her magic goes out of control like before. After thinking it over for a while, she accepts, but Asta is distracted by a strange noise. Investigating, they come upon a strange girl standing on a rock and singing, facing the ocean.


Magic and Spells used[]

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Petit Clover[]

Look at Me! 「見なさいよ! Minasai yo!」: Noelle tells Asta to look at her swimsuit, but when he does, she gets embarrassed and shoves a crab in his face.



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