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Three-Leaf Salute 「三つ葉の敬礼 Mitsuba no Keirei」 is the 39th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Julius Novachrono asks Catherine and George to reveal who the traitor among the Magic Knight Captains is. They say that it is Gueldre Poizot. Gueldre tries to deny it but Charlotte Roselei says that she has heard some rumors about him. Gueldre continues to proclaim his innocence and Yami Sukehiro suggests that he allow Marx Francois to look at his memories. Marx says that if he is truly innocent, then he will allow him to look at his memories. Gueldre panics and uses his magic to turn himself invisible. He sends invisible knights to fight the Magic Knight Captains while he makes his escape. Asta goes after him and uses his sword to negate his magic. Gueldre asks how he knew he was there and it is because Asta sensed his ki. He is then trapped into a magic painting by Rill Boismortier. The rest of the captains catch up and Julius tells Gueldre that he has some questions for him.

Rill proclaims Asta his new friend. Julius makes Gueldre confess to a list of crimes that he has committed. He is responsible for kidnapping barrier mages while conspiring with the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Julius says that in order to keep the citizens calm, they will not make this a public matter. But to make sure that this does not happen again, Julius orders them to check their squads and make sure that no one has ties to the enemy. It is revealed that Rhya was there in disguise as a Magic Knight Captain.

Julius has Asta and Yami stay behind and tells them that he learned more about the stone tablet. That they are collecting magic stones to put into the tablet so that they can be reborn into their true forms and gain enormous power. That is why they went after Fuegoleon Vermillion because he had a magic stone. Julius reveals that he knows the location of one of the stones: the Seabed Temple. Julius says that it is especially dangerous to go there because it is a Grand Magic Zone. He asks Yami if he and the Black Bulls can go retrieve the stone for him. Yami says that he just has to give the order. Yami remembers when he first met Julius. Julius tells Asta that he is essential to the quest because they need his Anti Magic to get into the Grand Magic Zone. Asta is in awe that he is needed because he thought that nobody expected anything from him since he did not have magic. Yami says that he let him join the Black Bulls because he knew that he could do it. Back at headquarters, Yami tells them that they are going to the Seabed Temple. Everyone gets excited that they are going to the beach but Yami says that they are going for work, not play.

Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Game Tournament 「ゲーム大会 Gēmu Taikai」: Marx Francois uses Memory Amusement Magic to enable Asta and Yami Sukehiro to play a video game. When Asta accidentally hits Yami while swinging the controller, Yami threatens to beat up Asta in a real fight.



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