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Three Eyes 「三つの眼 Mittsu no Me」 is the 36th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Finral Roulacase congratulates Gauche Adlai on saving the day. Yami Sukehiro teases Gauche for coming back and stealing all the glory. Gauche asks Finral to send him back to Marie Adlai. Finral tells him that his magic needs to recover first. Yami and Gauche approach Licht. Yami tells Licht that they are going to take him back to the Magic Knights headquarters and that he is going to tell them everything about the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Yami uses his magic to restrain Licht.

Meanwhile, Noelle Silva is wondering where the Magic Knight reinforcements are. Noelle hears a commotion outside and goes to investigate. The children have all returned thanks to the Magic Knights. Rebecca Scarlet notices that Luca and Marco Scarlet are not among the children. Nero leads them to where Sister Theresa Rapual is being healed and reunites Rebecca with her siblings. Noelle notices that Marco is wearing Asta's squad robe. Marco tells her about how Asta gave it to him so that he would not be scared. Noelle asks where Asta is and Marie tells them that he is still back at the cave. Noelle is upset because Finral and Gauche did not take her with them.

Meanwhile, in the cave, the Black Bulls wait for Finral's magic to return. Suddenly, Yami stands up because he senses mana. A portal opens and Rhya, Vetto, and Fana step out of it. Fana goes directly to Licht and begins to heal him. Licht introduces his friends as the strongest three of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, the Third Eye. Licht tells them that he gave them names that are opposite to Clover Kingdom's values: Rhya the Treachery, Vetto the Despair, and Fana the Hatred. Yami tells them that their names are not enough to tell them how strong they are. Rhya says that they will just have to show him and attacks the group. Vetto joins in and breaks Yami's sword. Fana uses Spirit Magic and blasts them with fire. Yami continues to fight with a broken sword. Asta wants to help but Yami tells him to watch as he surpasses his limits. The Third Eye decide to put an end to Yami and send three blasts of magic his way. Just as it is about to take Yami out, three more Magic Knights appear to help: Nozel Silva, Charlotte Roselei, and Jack the Ripper. Vetto says that they are no match for them. Jack is excited to get things started while Charlotte says that they have many questions for them.


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Items used[]

  • Communication Magic Tool

Petit Clover[]

So Tired 「眠い Nemui」: Rhya sleeps in every season. Vetto complains that he is always sleeping, and Fana hates anyone who can sleep so easily.



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