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To Help Somebody Someday 「いつか誰かの為になる Itsuka Dareka no Tame ni naru」 is the 33rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta and Sister Theresa have to fight Baro the mud monster and protect the children. Sister Theresa uses her magic to create a leopard that the kids can ride on to get out of there. Baro tries to grab Neige but Asta stops him with his sword. Neige asks why Asta saved him and Asta tells him it is because he has not taken responsibility for what he has done yet. Asta starts to hack away at Baro but it just keeps growing back. This leaves him wide open for attack but Theresa saves him from Sally magic. Sally tells Theresa to back off but Theresa tells her to not underestimate old ladies like herself.

Marie Adlai tries to make Gauche Adlai go back and help but he is only concerned for her safety. Marie punches him in the face and tells him that it is his job as a Magic Knight to protect everyone. Gauche drops Marie off with Marco outside of the cave and decides to head back and help. Asta is attacking Baro and almost dies but Gauche pushes him out of the way. Gauche tries his magic on Baro but he regenerates too quickly. Gauche gets knocked to the ground and Baro is about to squish him when Asta uses his sword and cuts through his hand. Gauche decides to help protect them. Asta's second sword starts to glow like last time. He cuts through Baro but still, the monster regenerates. Gauche realizes that they have to hit Baro with so many attacks at once that he cannot regenerate. He creates a new spell that allows him to copy other people and makes copies of Asta. All the Astas attack and manage to take down Baro and Sally.

Neige cries over Baro's empty clothes. He tells Asta that he is going to take responsibility for both their crimes. Asta tells him that after he is done with that that they can be friends. Suddenly, Neige collapses because he has been hit in the back with magic. Licht is behind the magic and he goes on to attack Asta and Gauche. Asta is saved when Sister Theresa sacrifices herself by jumping in the way of the magical attack. Licht introduces himself as the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. That is when Asta notices that he has a four-leaf clover grimoire like Yuno.


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Marie's in Danger 「マリーが危ない Marī ga abunai」: Gauche Adlai lists some situations in which he must resist acquiescing to his sister's wishes because they would endanger her. He is willing to show off his Mirror Magic to her and duplicates her; however, this endangers his own life.



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