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Three-Leaf Sprouts 「三つ葉の芽 Mitsuba no Me」 is the 32nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Sekke Bronzazza arrives at the Black Bull base. He goes inside but nobody is there. As he turns to leave he runs into Gordon Agrippa. Yami Sukehiro shows up and asks what all the noise is about. Sekke tries to explain to Yami what's going on but Yami thinks he is there for money. Sekke wishes that he had gone to the Blue Roses instead.

Meanwhile, Asta and Gauche Adlai are fighting Baro and Neige. Gauche gets caught but uses one of his mirror spells to harm Neige. Asta goes up to Baro and asks him why he stole the magic from the children. Baro says that he is not sorry for stealing the magic and Asta goes to hit him but Sister Theresa makes him stop. Sister Theresa has Asta negate the magic spell on the children. Sister Theresa tells Asta that Sister Lily had come to her church to train once. She tells Asta that Lily said he was a hard worker with a strong heart. Gauche goes after Neige because he was the one who hit Marie.

Sally appears after Baro turned on a homing device. Sekke cannot believe that Yami and the rest of the gang are Magic Knights. Rebecca Scarlet and Noelle Silva sit with Rebecca's siblings as they wait for Luca and Marco to return. Gauche tries to attack Sally but she blocks it with her magic. Asta and Gauche face off against Sally but their magic does not seem to work on her. Sally manages to pin down both Gauche and Asta. She crawls on top of Asta and bites him to test his blood. Sister Theresa manages to melt Sally's magic and frees Asta. She reveals that she used to be a Magic Knight and was called the "Crimson She-Leopard." Asta asks if she knows Fuegoleon Vermillion and she says that she used to tutor him. Sally says three against one is not fair so Baro offers to fight alongside her if she heals him. Sally agrees and sticks him with a large syringe. Baro suddenly transforms into a mud monster. Theresa tells Gauche and Asta to protect the children but Gauche grabs Marie and flees.


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Petit Clover[]

Go! Go! Gordon! 「ゴーゴー! ゴードン! Gōgō! Gōdon!」: Sekke Bronzazza gets lost while trying to leave the Black Bulls base. He is terrified by Gordon Agrippa who is following him and appearing in rooms ahead of him, but Gordon simply wants to help Sekke find his way.



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