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Pursuit Over the Snow 「雪上の追跡 Setsujō no Tsuiseki」 is the 31st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Rebecca Scarlet wonders where her siblings have run off to. Noelle Silva reveals herself and tells them that she saw a bunch of kids going up to the mountains earlier. Sister Theresa tells Gauche Adlai that his sister was taken as well. Gauche says that if she has her magical mirror then he should be able to track the mana. Rebecca starts to panic but Asta calms her down and tells her not to worry. Asta, Gauche, and the Sister Theresa all go to the mountain to look for the kids. Noelle stays behind to protect the town just in case.

Neige cannot believe that he has all these new friends. Marie wakes up from the spell and wonders where she is. Neige notices that she is no longer enchanted and slaps her when she tells him that using magic on people is wrong. Baro gets upset with Neige because he brought Marco Scarlet who has very little magic. He grabs Marco and throws him out into the snow. Noelle tries to keep everyone in the town calm. Noelle contacts the Magic Knights but only reaches Sekke Bronzazza. Asta spots Marco lying out in the snow and jumps from Gauche's broom to go to him. Gauche does not care because he is only focused on getting Marie back. Marco is hurt but Sister Theresa manages to heal him. Asta says they have to rescue the other children and wants to leave Marco alone while they do. Marco is scared so Asta leaves him his squad robe to protect him.

Baro sucks the magic out of the children and goes to take Marie's magic when Gauche arrives. Neige and Gauche face off against each other while Baro grabs hold of Marie. Asta and Sister Theresa arrive just in time to save her. Baro makes fun of Asta for having no magic. Baro goes to attack Asta but Asta attacks him first and throws him up against the wall with his sword. Asta tells Baro that he will never forgive him for what he has done.


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Items used[]

  • Mana-Sensing Glasses
  • Communication Magic Tool

Petit Clover[]

Staying Behind 「お留守番 Orushuban」: In order to lift Rebecca Scarlet's spirits, Noelle Silva offers to play a quiz game with her. They trade questions about Asta.



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