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The Mirror Mage 「鏡の魔道士 Kagami no Madōshi」 is the 30th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


In Hage, Orsi Orfai and Lily Aquaria receive money and letters from Asta and Yuno. Yuno has been promoted to First Class Junior Magic Knight and Asta has been promoted to Third Class Junior Magic Knight. At the Golden Dawn headquarters, Yuno is congratulated by Mimosa Vermillion and Klaus Lunettes for his promotion. Klaus gives Yuno money as a gift since Yuno sent all his money to Hage.

At the Black Bull base, Yami Sukehiro pays the team and gives them the day off. Charmy Pappitson uses her magic to create a meal of tatoes since they are a specialty from Yuno's village. Asta asks Magna Swing if he can drop him off at Nairn, where Rebecca Scarlet lives. Noelle Silva overhears him ask and wonders what he is going to do. Gauche Adlai spends his paycheck on buying Marie Adlai gifts. He goes so crazy that he buys out an entire shop. Magna cannot believe that Asta is going to meet one of the girls that he met at the mixer. Gauche is on his way to see Marie when he spots Marie playing with Asta. This upsets him so much that he starts to beat Asta up. Marie tries to stop him because she is going to marry Asta one day. This gets Gauche so upset that he starts to attack Asta. Sister Theresa comes to collect Marie. Gauche says that he was about to take Marie on a date but the Sister tells him that she should not be hanging out with him. Rebecca invites Asta to dinner and to spend the night. Noelle is shocked that Asta would even consider spending that night with Rebecca and her siblings. Marco Scarlet asks Rebecca if she is going to marry Asta. She says no but her other siblings tell her to jump Asta later. Asta is asleep when Gauche shows up and attacks him again. Gauche blasts Asta out of the house and he lands in the street. It is covered in snow. Rebecca comes outside and tells them that the children are missing.

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Petit Clover[]

Double Gauche 「ダブルゴーシュ Daburu Gōshu」: Marie asks Gauche to spin her around. Gauche is weakened by a nosebleed so he creates a mirror double to do it. The double refuses to put Marie in danger, so Gauche instead swings the double who has transformed into Marie.



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