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To the Royal Capital of the Clover Kingdom! 「クローバー王国、王都へ! Kurōbā Ōkoku, Ōto e!」 is the 3rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


A city is being attacked by a giant demon. The First Wizard King then appears and defeats the demon.[1]

Over the following generations, the Clover Kingdom is protected by a Wizard King, who commands nine squads of Magic Knights. The duty of all is to protect the kingdom, as well as the citizens, with their own lives.

Asta finishes his thousand swings with the sword he got from his grimoire and proceeds to drink moguro leaf juice. Yuno has been training too, chopping wood and shattering rocks. Both of them want to apply to the Magic Knights Entrance Exam.

Sister Lily and Father Orsi visit Drouot to discuss their foster sons taking the exam.[2] Afterward, Asta and Yuno race each other back to the church, and Nash claims Yuno won.

The next day while Asta is training, Nash approaches him and says that orphans are too weak and poor to dream of becoming Magic Knights. However, Asta yells at him not to give up, declaring that he will prove anyone can. That night, Lily and Orsi prepare a special dinner of various tato dishes for the boys before they leave in the morning.

The boys depart and Lily remembers first meeting the boys and the night Yuno brought back an injured Asta. During their long journey to the Royal Capital, the boys continue training.

Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

The Mystery of the Grimoire 「グリモワールの謎 Gurimowāru no Nazo」: Outside of Hage's church, Yuno and Asta are discussing grimoires. Asta suggests comparing theirs, but Yuno refuses because Asta's is dirty.


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