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Path 「道 Michi」 is the 29th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


The demon attacks the Clover Kingdom and wreaks chaos and destruction. A mage faces him and, wielding powerful Light Magic, manages to easily defeat the demon, which earns him the title of Wizard King. Time passes and the title passes down to other who protect the kingdom along with the Magic Knights.

Father Orsi Orfai is happy that Yuno and Asta have grown to become Magic Knights and are now sending them money each month, which helped them repair the roof. He recalls how he found them abandoned 15 years ago, but now are the pride of Hage village. Drouot also recalls how during the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony everyone got a grimoire; however, initially Asta did not, yet things worked out somehow and he managed to obtain one.

At Black Bull headquarters, Gordon Agrippa reads his diary about his observations of his best friend, Asta. He recalls he first met him during the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, where Asta faced Sekke Bronzazza and defeated him in a single hit. Gordon found him quite cool when Asta declared he was not there to mess around, but to work hard and become the Wizard King. Yami faced Asta with overwhelming magic; however, Asta remained true to his beliefs and re-stated his desire to become the Wizard King, which made Yami invite him to the Black Bull squad. Meanwhile, Yuno was wanted by all captains and chose the Golden Dawn squad. Gordon reveals that since Yuno is Asta's childhood friend, that also makes Gordon his best friend too, and he has an observation diary for Yuno as well. Gordon decides to update his diary about Asta's training and his chores of cleaning, laundry, feeding the beasts, as well as the bath afterward.

Noelle Silva is annoyed at Asta for his stupidity and recklessness. However, she recalls that he was like that since the beginning when they first hunted a boar, when they faced Heath Graice and even in the dungeon against Mars, where he got badly hurt. As she mumbles to not make her worry, Asta returns from his training and Noelle gets surprised by him and blows him away.

Yuno, Klaus Lunettes, and Mimosa Vermillion prepare for a new mission; however, they refuse to ride Klaus's ride and instead fly with their brooms. Yuno wishes to become even stronger, recalling his past and promise with Asta and desire to become the Wizard King.

Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells
  1. Fire Magic (flashback)
  2. Light Magic (flashback)
  3. Ice Magic (flashback)
  4. Lightning Magic (flashback)
  5. Anti Magic
  6. Communication Magic (flashback)
  7. Chain Magic (flashback)
  8. Creation Magic (flashback)
  9. Bronze Magic (flashback)
  10. Mist Magic (flashback)
  11. Compound Magic (flashback)
  12. Water Magic
  13. Crystal Magic (flashback)
  14. Healing Magic (flashback)
  15. Plant Magic (flashback)
  16. Steel Magic

Petit Clover[]

It's Not as Though I'm Actually Worried 「心配しているわけではない Shinpai shite iru wakede wanai」: Klaus closely watches over Yuno as he brushes his teeth, washes his hair, and sleeps.


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