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The One I've Set My Heart On 「心に決めた人 Kokoro ni Kimeta Hito」 is the 28th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Finral Roulacase sits atop the Black Bull base. He is thinking about the mixer that he is planning. He is trying to decide who else to bring with him besides Asta. He thinks of inviting Magna Swing but comes to the conclusion that he is too much of a delinquent. He then considers Gauche Adlai but thinks that his sister complex will scare them away. Gordon Agrippa offers to go with him but Finral does not hear him. He thinks about inviting Charmy Pappitson but feels like the mixer would be over in minutes since she eats so much. His next choice is Yami Sukehiro but he does not like gaudy women so maybe not. He is left with Luck Voltia who agrees to go with him. They leave to go to the mixer but Noelle Silva ends up following them.

They arrive at the mixer but things do not go as well as Finral hoped. Noelle watches them interact with the girls from the corner of the room. Nero is the only one who has noticed her so far. Nearby, Sekke Bronzazza is bragging and lying to a group of girls so Noelle hits him with her Water Magic. Luck manages to make a connection with one of the girls and takes her outside to show her his Lightning Magic. Finral gets one of the girls to go out to the patio with him leaving Asta alone with the last girl, Rebecca Scarlet. He thinks that the situation is awkward so he tries making small talk. They actually have something in common: both care a lot about their siblings. Noelle watches in horror as the two of them have fun. A drunk guy goes up to Asta and makes fun of his size. He also makes fun of Rebecca, saying that she works so hard at the restaurant and that she is probably trying to catch a Magic Knight to make life easier. Asta tells the man not to judge people by their appearances. He throws the man at Sekke's table. Rebecca grabs Asta and the two of them run outside. Noelle follows them. Rebecca asks Asta if he likes anyone and he says yes. Noelle misunderstands what Asta says and thinks that it could be her. Asta asks Rebecca what the point of a mixer is, shocking both Noelle and Rebecca. Both Finral and Luck strikeout.


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Petit Clover[]

If Gordon, Grey, and Sekke Went to a Mixer 「もしもゴードンとグレイとセッケが一緒に合コンをしたら Moshimo Gōdon to Gurei to Sekke ga issho ni gōkon o shitara」: Gordon, Grey, and Sekke go to the mixer. Helene and Erika are not impressed.



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