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Light 「光 Hikari」 is the 27th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta lowers his arms after the light has vanished and finds that all the other mages have disappeared. Julius Novachrono wonders if that was the enemy's boss. Luckily, he was able to keep one of the mages for questioning. Marx Francois finally gets through to the Wizard King and tells him to hurry to the medical ward.

The Magic Knights stand outside the medical ward while Fuegoleon Vermillion and Leopold Vermillion are being healed inside. They have strengthened the magical barrier and repaired the communication spells. They are also looking for Asta. Suddenly, Julius appears with Asta and the captured mage in tow. Mimosa Vermillion and Klaus Lunettes welcome Asta back while Noelle Silva calls him an idiot for getting captured. Charlotte Roselei tells Julius that Fuegoleon's pendant is missing. She wonders who they could be and Julius says that they are a terrorist group intent on destroying the Clover Kingdom. Julius wonders if Fuegoleon's pendant is part of the stone slab. Nozel swears to get revenge for Fuegoleon. Leopold emerges from the infirmary and declares his ambition to become the Wizard King, burning his promise into his forehead. Julius believes that there is a traitor among the Magic Knights. Julius tries to interrogate his captives but they have a protective spell around them.

Rades Spirito vows to create an ultimate army of the undead to destroy Asta. Sally tells him that he cannot kill Asta because she wants to test him while he is still alive. Their leader was not able to escape some of Julius's magic and his arm has been aged drastically. He vows to defeat the Wizard King in order to build a new country that will be theirs alone.

The little girl that Asta saved gives them some treats. Charmy Pappitson gets to them first. Asta spots Yuno and starts a fight with him. Yuno sends Wind Magic at him but Asta cuts through it with his sword. Asta tells Yuno to come down and fight him but Yuno walks away. Klaus notices that Yuno's magic has gotten stronger.

Back at the Black Bull base, Magna Swing tells Asta that he got a star for his mission. Asta tells him that he was made into a Third Class Junior Magic Knight and that Charmy was made a First Class Junior Magic Knight. Asta is still worried about Fuegoleon but Yami Sukehiro says that he will not die that easily. Asta says that he is going to train harder but Yami tells him that he almost died and he needs to take a break. Finral Roulacase offers to take him to a mixer but Yami tells him to get to work.



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Captain Yami's Magic Knight Rank Lesson 「ヤミ団長の魔法騎士団階級講座 Yami-danchō no Mahō Kishi-dan Kaikyū Kōza」: Yami tries to explain the ranks within the Magic Knights, but quits part-way through.



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